Commercial Metal Shelving & Metal Storage Shelves


Commercial storage equipment is critical for any product-based business, from retail stores to third-party logistics centers. A well-organized and efficient storage system creates order in a commercial facility, making it easier to identify, pick, and display items for faster order fulfillment and increased productivity.

Quality metal shelving not only improves the appearance and structure of storage space but is also capable of supporting a wide variety of materials, including heavy items like automotive parts and machinery.

Advantages of Commercial Metal Shelving

There are several benefits to investing in metal storage shelving in your commercial space that include:

Space Efficient

Metal shelving is one of the most space-efficient forms of storage. Metal units have a much higher load capacity than wood or plastic shelves. They can store a high volume of small items or a low volume of heavy goods, increasing your available floor space and creating more aisle room for workers, forklifts, and inventory handling equipment.


Commercial shelving hardware is durable, making it an excellent choice for harsh warehouse environments like steel yards or manufacturing facilities. Some metal shelving units are coated in epoxy resin or finished with zinc plating, providing additional resistance to moisture and temperature fluctuations.


Many shelving options are modular, so they can be reconfigured to accommodate a variety of product SKUs. Modular storage units can be upgraded or customized with posts and shelves of varying heights and lengths to fit your inventory without wasting space.


Quality shelving is cost-effective compared to more comprehensive storage solutions, like pallet rack systems. Pallet rack systems take up a lot of space and often become permanent fixtures in a warehouse. They may be unnecessary unless you frequently handle heavy items or palletized inventory.


Shelving improves your space’s safety by protecting inventory and staff from accidental spillages or rack collapses. Choosing high-quality industrial welded steel shelves with an appropriate load capacity reduces the risk of collapse. This can save your business from financial loss due to damaged inventory or employee injuries.

Different Types of Commercial Shelving

At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we have a wide variety of commercial shelving for sale, whether you need an NSF wire rack for food products or replacement wire decking. Our comprehensive inventory list includes new and used equipment so we can accommodate a range of budgets.

Wire Shelving

Wire shelving is an excellent option if you require lightweight but durable garage shelves or a versatile option for office space. A wire shelving unit is created by welding multiple steel wires together. Gaps between wires promote airflow, limiting moisture, dust, and debris buildup, helping preserve perishable goods like food or pharmaceuticals.

We stock a wide range of wire shelving for numerous industries, from construction to healthcare. Our 4-shelf wire shelving rack systems are an excellent option for warehouses, commercial kitchens, or garage storage. Each 4-tier metal wire shelving unit supports up to 800 lbs. per shelf. The durable, bright zinc plating ensures they are resistant to corrosion and temperature fluctuations.


Boltless Shelving

If you’re looking for an easy-to-assemble unit, consider boltless shelving. It requires no nuts, bolts, or clips to be put together and comes with easy-to-follow assembly instructions. It is a convenient shelving option and can be configured using a single rubber mallet.

The 200A adjustable 5-shelf shelving storage unit is a low-profile option. It is built with industrial-grade steel for strength and durability. Shelves adjust on 1 to ½-inch centers allowing you to configure them to an array of heights. The 200A range has the option of laminate or particle board shelves.

Industrial Steel Shelving

Auto shops, manufacturing facilities, and fulfillment centers rely on industrial-grade, multi-tier metal shelving for everyday use. These units can stand up to wear and tear and may withstand contact from machinery and product retrieval equipment.

The 200B heavy-duty storage shelving unit is designed for frequent use in industrial environments, like manufacturing plants or busy warehouses. It is a high-density storage option with adjustable shelves up to 48 inches deep. The powder-coated frame ensures it doesn’t need braces for strength or stability.

Mobile Shelving

A mobile storage unit is essentially commercial shelving on wheels. Mobile units are available in a range of materials, including industrial steel. Many of these storage trucks boast similar load capacities to freestanding shelves, providing a highly versatile and space-saving option.

They are fixed with durable casters that stand up to frequent use on concrete floors. Casters often have built-in braking mechanisms to secure the units in place even when they are fully loaded.

Our 4-shelf mobile units are a versatile and affordable storage solution for facilities that lack aisle space or require rapid inventory transportation. They are fitted with powerful braking casters and have a load capacity of 1,200 lbs., evenly distributed across the entire unit. The durable zinc plating is corrosion resistant, offering longevity in rough environments.

Optimize Your Storage Space With Metal Shelving

Warehouses and storage facilities must install the right equipment to ensure safe and efficient operations. Getting storage equipment wrong can result in costly inventory damage and may even lead to a workplace accident.

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If you’re struggling with your layout design, contact our designers to guide you through the process. Our in-house installation crews are available to assemble and integrate your new commercial shelving parts once planning is complete.

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