5 Reasons Your Warehouse Needs Pallet Racking

Galvanized Coated Pallet Rack

Pallet racking is material handling equipment used in warehouses and distribution centers to store pallets or large crates. Pallet racking systems maximize potential warehouse storage capacity per square foot by providing high-density product storage and easy access to pallet loads. These systems come in various styles and configurations and can be customized to fit the specific needs of a warehouse.

These racks are typically made from steel and are designed to support heavy storage items. They can be used for palletized and non-palletized items, and they are a key part of increasing storage density and maintaining efficient supply chain warehouse operations.

On average, designing and building a warehouse costs $117 a square foot, so for most businesses, warehouse space and inventory management are critical to their bottom line. Effective warehouse space and inventory management can lower the total cost of business (TCOB) across the supply chain, saving you and the end consumer money.

Discover five ways pallet racking can help lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) and improve your warehouse workflow.

Increased Storage Efficiency

One of the main benefits of using pallet racks in your warehouse management systems is that they increase storage density and pallet capacity. Pallet racks significantly improve your warehouse’s potential storage space per square foot, increasing your overall storage capacity.

Any business that relies on storing large quantities of materials knows how important it is to use their usable storage space efficiently. Pallet racks provide accessible storage for materials that need to be kept off the ground and allow businesses to use additional storage space that might otherwise go unused. By installing pallet racks, businesses can gain ample storage space for their materials while improving the overall efficiency of their entire warehouse.

Pallet racks also allow businesses to make better use of their vertical space, which can further increase the storage density. Using vertical space increases your warehouse’s overall pallet capacity by raising your pallets per aisle ratio.

This can be an incredibly beneficial storage solution for warehouses with limited floor space. High-density storage solutions like pallet racks can help to reduce labor costs by making it easier to access products stored on upper shelves.

Our galvanized cantilever racks are ideal pallet racking for harsh warehouse settings. Their hot-dipped galvanized coating is perfect for various applications, including outdoor and freezer warehouses. They are constructed with highly durable steel I-beams, allowing you to safely store multiple materials and pallets. We also offer a variety of column and arm capacities so you can customize your racks to fit your warehouse’s square footage.

Galvanized steel columns are available at up to 20 feet, facilitating seamless vertical integration. Column towers have a maximum weight capacity of 12,500 lbs. per side, offering exceptional storage efficiency.

More Flexibility

Another benefit of using pallet rack storage options in your warehouse is flexibility. Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. offers various pallet rack systems to meet your warehouse’s demands. Regardless of your warehouse layout and square footage, we provide suitable warehouse storage systems for your needs.

One of our most popular warehouse storage solutions is our galvanized pallet rack. These racks are available in powder or hot-dipped galvanized coatings, ideal for any warehouse with palletized inventory. They can be adapted to any configuration of volume or size and offer direct access to all pallets, maximizing pallet flow in your current space.

The galvanized coating is corrosion resistant, ensuring years or even decades of reliable use. These units can withstand frequent rough use and temperature fluctuations year-round.

There are also various customizable options for use if your warehouse primarily uses lightweight storage, such as our Tier Rack Dyna pallet stacking frames. This storage rack frame allows you to utilize your warehouse’s vertical space for crushable, lightweight storage products, increasing your warehouse’s available and usable space.

Cantilever Pallet Racking

Improved Safety

Pallet racks play an essential role when it comes to warehouse safety. By storing items off the ground and organizing them to minimize the need for climbing and reaching, pallet racks help reduce the risk of injuries. In addition, by keeping items neatly organized, pallet racks also help to reduce the risk of trips and falls.

By increasing aisle clearance and providing sufficient space for transit, pallet racks reduce the risk of dangerous interactions between warehouse workers and storage equipment like forklifts. The enhanced efficiency of pallet storage in warehouses with pallet racks also allows for reduced forklift circulation, increasing the warehouse workers’ safety.

Each pallet storage rack can also be equipped with safety accessories to reduce risks. For example, our wire decking for industrial shelves improves visibility, reduces the risk of fire hazards, and eliminates dirt and dust accumulation.

Simplified Warehouse Navigation

In any warehouse, space is at a premium. One of the biggest challenges of effectively using warehouse space is forklift navigation. Without pallet rack systems, narrow aisles make it difficult for forklifts to navigate the warehouse. Since pallet racks allow you to store more per square foot by utilizing the warehouse’s vertical storage capacity, there will be more aisle space for machines like forklifts to navigate.

You can minimize travel time, optimize aisle spacing, and simplify inventory retrieval by strategically placing racks throughout your warehouse’s usable space. A well-designed pallet rack layout can also help streamline operations. By making it easier to access products and optimizing your usable storage space, you can ship orders quickly and reduce the overall cost of warehouse management.

Selective pallet racking is one of the most versatile and cost-effective types of racking systems. Since these racks are fully customizable, our Unirak frames are an excellent fit for creating a custom selective rack system. These frames provide an option for pallet management at a reasonable cost.

They are interchangeable with nearly all tear drop style racks and offer adjustable shelves, allowing maximum versatility for any pallet size or warehouse design. Another attractive feature of Unirak frames is their durability: they are constructed in a one-piece design and feature a high-gloss powder coating, improving the rack’s lifespan.

With a bit of strategic planning, you can use pallet racks to great effect and unlock the full potential of your usable space.

Ease of Replacement

Racks and shelves are among the most essential pieces of equipment in a warehouse or storage facility. They must be strong enough to support the weight of the stored products, and they must be arranged in a way that optimizes layout design space and allows for easy access to pallet loads.

Our tear drop rack frames use slot mechanisms for installation and configuration, so they are easy to take apart and adjust if needed. This flexibility makes tear drop frames perfect for warehouses subject to seasonal fluctuations.

By more efficiently storing pallets, pallet racks minimize the likelihood of pallet damage. This increases the lifespan of your warehouse pallets and reduces the cost of replacing or repairing them.

Enhance Your Warehouse’s Efficiency with Pallet Racking

A major challenge for any warehouse is maximizing available space and optimizing warehouse efficiency. Pallet racking is an excellent solution to this challenge, allowing warehouses to manage their space more effectively. By installing a pallet racking system, you can ensure your warehouse runs efficiently and can scale as your business grows.

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