Mistakes to Avoid While Selecting Heavy Duty Racking

Used Pallet Racks for Shelving and Storage

There are plenty of options when it comes to pallet racking solutions. The pallet racking you choose plays a pivotal role in the success of your storage facility or warehouse. When used correctly, your pallet racking provides the foundation to build and streamline your supply chain, improving efficiency and productivity.

Heavy duty racks (industrial racks) are designed specifically for large, bulky items and are usually manufactured from heavy duty steel. The primary advantage of this type of storage unit is that it allows you to store high volumes of heavy loads and use the full potential of the warehouse through vertical integration.

To make the most of your investment, you need to avoid common heavy duty pallet racking mistakes that can occur in the early stage of your warehouse setup.

  • Underestimating the Weight Capacity

Before selecting pallet racks for your facility, determine your load capacity requirements. Calculate the number of pallets per unit and their total weight. All pallet racking systems are assigned a maximum load capacity (e.g., 2,000 lbs. per shelf), so choose one that provides adequate support.

Remember that load capacity can diminish over time due to forklift impacts, rusting, or wear and tear, so leave enough margin to account for this.

Cantilever racks are designed to carry hefty loads. They feature upright arms that extend from the uprights, allowing you to store awkward goods that don’t fit into pallets, such as lumber. However, cantilevers can also be equipped with steel shelving to accommodate palletized inventory.

Our galvanized steel cantilever racks can help you increase the storage density of your warehouse with exceptional load capacities. Due to their rust resistance, they are excellent heavy duty options for indoor or outdoor environments.

The columns are available in several heights of up to 20 feet, with each side supporting 12,000 lbs. These units are compatible with several arm lengths, between 36 and 54 inches.

  • Choosing the Wrong Type of Pallet Racking

There are several styles of pallet racks to accommodate different types of products and warehouse management systems. Choosing the wrong configuration can reduce the storage capacity of your facility, limit aisle space, and slow operations.

For example, if your facility mainly handles industrial building supplies like piping or sheet metal, you’ll need heavy duty cantilever racks made from structural or industrial welded steel.

If your warehouse processes a variety of SKUs, you’ll require a more versatile system, such as selective pallet racking. Selective racks are one of the most widely used storage because they can be configured and restructured in various ways. They can also be integrated with rack shelving, providing fast manual access to small goods on the ground floor.

Some industries use a combination of storage solutions. For example, an automotive manufacturing plant may install large selective racks with welded steel frames for heavy engine parts, plus mobile garage storage shelving for tools and small components.


  • Ignoring the Need for Safety Equipment

Safety is a concern in warehouses that handle heavy duty items. In addition to high-quality racks and sturdy metal shelves, it’s important to reinforce storage units with safety equipment. Since forklifts are widely used to access inventory and pallets, all racks should be protected with guard systems to prevent severe damage from collisions.

We supply a wide variety of safety equipment, including guard rail systems, column protectors, and bollards. Our Bluff column guards are designed to protect freestanding columns from heavy blows from forklifts. They can withstand up to 10,000 lbs. at 6 mph. Each unit is powder coated in safety yellow for increased visibility.

Our warehouse safety guard rail system creates separation between pallet racks and forklift aisles, protecting workers and inventory. They are impact tested with 10,000 lbs. of load at 4 mph and can be positioned along an entire aisle. Protective equipment is a cost-effective safeguard against significant damage to your storage units.

  • Choosing In-House Installation

Without professional training, warehouse equipment is not easy to assemble. Although experienced operators may be capable of installing a small wire shelving unit from a local store, industrial racking requires specialized equipment and knowledge gained from warehouse safety courses.

Incorrect installations can mean that your pallet racks don’t function as they should, and they may be incapable of supporting the load capacities that they are assigned. Loose bolts or incorrectly positioned baseplates can diminish the structural integrity of your racking system, causing you to overload the unit.

At Shelving + Racks Systems, Inc., we employ professional installation crews to assemble and integrate equipment into your warehouse. Each of our installers is factory trained and fully insured.

Our crews are experienced in delivering meticulous installation work for all types of storage equipment, from carton flow systems to industrial cantilever racks. We ensure that every component is in the right place, ensuring the rack is safe and uncompromised.

Consult with Professional Storage Equipment Providers at Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc.

Choosing the right pallet racking system is one of the most critical decisions a warehouse manager must make. You can avoid common mistakes other warehouses make by seeking professional guidance and purchasing high-quality equipment.

At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we supply high-quality new and used pallet racking equipment. Our extensive inventory list includes entire systems, accessories, and replacement parts. We also offer several ancillary services, including warehouse planning, design, and installation. From laying out your space to determining the best equipment for your budget, our team can help with every step of the rack selection process.

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