How Automated Vertical Lift Modules Help Your Operations

Vertical Lift Modules for Automated Storage

Running out of storage space doesn’t have to mean disaster for your company. There’s no need for bigger buildings, storage units, or additional shelving when you turn to automated vertical lift modules for all your storage needs.

What Is an Automated Vertical Lift Module?

Vertical lift modules, or VLM’s, are automated storage lockers. They are portable, versatile, and programmable to work in a way that fits your needs.

An automated vertical lift module uses digital technology to trace the items it stores. It tracks items in order to store them as compactly as possible. This tracking allows the unit to find the item as quickly and easily as possible when the item needs retrieval.


Vertical lift modules are designed to be portable. This allows them to be moved to wherever needed, expanding their usability. The wheels lock in place to keep them secure when you don’t want the unit moved. The VLM’s portability makes it a great option for today as well as the future when your needs may change.


Shelving and storage inside a vertical lift module can be adjusted. This allows for different heights and widths to be stored compactly. If you need to store tall, thin boxes one month, and wide flat boxes the next, a vertical lift module can adapt to meet your needs. You can also store multiple sizes within the unit at once.


The automation of a vertical lift module allows the unit to be programmed to meet your exact specifications. You can program access for only specific users. You can set your VLM to store and retrieve in a unique order. Your unit is customizable to work for you and your company. The advanced software available with your VLM can make storing your items easier than ever.

How Can A VLM Help My Company?

Vertical lift modules can help your warehouse and storage operation in a variety of ways.

  • Cuts labor costs
  • Uses less square footage
  • Saves time
  • Eases physical strain

Labor Costs

It’s easy to see how VLM’s cut labor costs. They are automated and can perform tasks quickly and efficiently with little oversight. The tasks that used to take one, two, or more employees can now be done by your vertical lift module.

Square Footage

Users report as much as an 80%-90% reduction in necessary storage space with the use of vertical lift modules. This is because VLM’s don’t require aisles. They can be programmed to stack items as high as one inch from the ceiling. Their adjustable shelves can rearrange to store items as compactly as possible.

Time Savings

Vertical lift modules save time by cutting out the back and forth of searching for items in storage. Using the programmable technology that keeps track of all items in the unit, the VLM locates your items in moments.

Physical Labor

The physical strain of bending and lifting is reduced dramatically with the introduction of VLM’s in your facility. The machine does the lifting for you. It delivers your product directly to you, at an ergonomically comfortable height. Using storage solutions that meet all safety requirements can be a tremendous benefit to your business.

Last Word

Automated vertical lift modules make an excellent addition to any warehouse and storage operation. Companies like Shelving + Rack Solutions, Inc. can help you choose the model that is right for you.

If you are looking for a better way to store your goods, consider vertical lift modules for automated storage solutions.

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