How Pallet Rack Mezzanines Can Improve Warehouse Efficiency

Pallet Rack Mezzanines

Most business enterprises put relatively little thought into the design of the warehouses that store their products. As long as they have adequate storage space for the pallets, little other consideration is ever given to the organization and optimization of spaces that are used for warehousing.

An efficient warehouse design ensures that your products are shipped as quickly and efficiently as possible, ultimately resulting in a more satisfied customer.

Taking a more critical look at how your warehouse is laid out and organized can save time, money, and even gain new customers.

Why Warehouse Efficiency is So Important

Every additional area of warehousing you have to rent is an additional unnecessary expense when there is additional space to be optimized.

Adding a second level of storage is perhaps the simplest and most efficient way to take advantage of the storage space you already have.

Installing something as simple as pallet rack mezzanines can optimize storage space to increase your efficiency per square foot of warehouse.

With the astronomical cost of owning or leasing warehouse space, it makes sense to use every inch as efficiently as you can.

A more compact storage space means less room for workers and forklift trucks to have to move from place to place within the space.

This is a more efficient use of labor and results in savings in terms of labor costs as well as reduced direct costs of renting or purchasing a warehouse space.

Warehouse efficiency can also result in happier customers as well because products are able to be sent out more quickly.

If the cost savings associated with warehouse optimization are passed along to customers in the form of decreased prices, then it may result in increased sales as well.

How Pallet Rack Mezzanines Promote Optimal Organization Of Your Warehouse

Pallet rack mezzanines are an ideal way to effectively double the square footage of your storage space. Essentially, this type of mezzanine is supported by the shelves that lie below it, and it provides an additional platform where pallets or other items can be supplied.

Including a mezzanine platform in your design is the most efficient use of your existing storage space. Replacing your existing storage racks with racks that can support pallet rack mezzanines is a simple and effective fix for present inefficiencies in your warehouse layout.

This makes it faster for employees or forklift trucks to get from place to place in the warehouse and ultimately makes it faster and faster to get your product out.

It is well established that speedy delivery – especially same-day shipping – is a cornerstone of customer satisfaction. The faster your employees can access the products they are to ship, the easier it is for them to keep customers happy and coming back for more.

Though some people are put off by the initial cost of replacing their existing rack infrastructure, the efficiencies that are offered by a pallet rack mezzanine system easily compensate for the financial cost of installing them.

Pallet Rack Mezzanine System

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