How Cantilever Racking Improves Efficiencies for Warehouse Operations

Warehouse Operations

What Is Cantilever Racking?

Cantilever racking is a commercial racking system that allows warehouses and factories to store their oversized or oddly shaped products with ease. These racks are constructed of three main pieces.

  • Base supports
  • Supportive beams at the backside of the rack
  • Arms that extend from the beams

This construction allows items to be stored longways across the arms, such as is needed with pieces of lumber, piping, or sheetrock. Another common usage of cantilever racks is to hang furniture from the arms.

Because there are no cross beams, there is no obstruction in loading or unloading your products. You will have no problem storing your large or bulky items. Buy percocet online, This type of storage system also reduces damage to merchandise because there are no obstructions for products to be caught on. Safety features such as end caps and rack guards can be employed for added security measures.

How Does It Improve My Product Storage?

Cantilever racking can improve efficiency within your warehouse by allowing you to better store your large or bulky items. Arms that act as shelves can be adjusted to best fit your product load at any given time. Racks can be used single or double sided, depending on the base you use. Arms come in lightweight or heavyweight duties.

This versatility provides the greatest ability to store your items in a way that fits your warehouse workflow. Common items that are most compatible with cantilever racks include:

  • Sheets or planks of lumber
  • PVC
  • Sheetrock
  • Steel
  • Couches
  • Chairs
  • Cars

The open design of the cantilever rack gives a clear, unobstructed view of your merchandise. Because items are stored in an open, easy-to-access manner, employees and customers alike will have little problem finding what they’re looking for. buy percocet 10mg online without having any prescription, Employees will be able to perform inventory more quickly and with less error. Customers will be able to retrieve their items for purchase with less hassle.

Arms come in a variety of tilts depending on your needs. If you’re storing flat items such as lumber or sheetrock, you will probably need flat arms. However, if you’re storing items that might roll such as PVC or steel pipe, you will need a tilt on your arms to help keep product in place. Safety rails, end caps, and other safety items can also be purchased to keep your warehouse as safe and efficient as possible.

How Does It Improve My Aisle Arrangement?

Cantilever racks can be positioned in a way that promotes a more efficient aisle flow. This is especially helpful when you’re storing large items that require heavy machinery to load or unload. If you’re storing bulky furniture or sheets of lumber on a higher rack, you will need a forklift or a scissor lift to store and retrieve. This means you need wide aisles.

With cantilever racks, you can achieve maximum product storage at a minimum of space. This leaves the space you need for wide aisles and heavy machinery.

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Whether you’re storing used cars, couches, or lumber, you will find benefit and efficiency with a cantilever racking system.

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