How Modula Vertical Lift Modules Benefit Aerospace Companies with Cost Savings and Operational Efficiency

Vertical Lift Modules Benefit Aerospace

Vertical lift modules benefit aerospace companies by providing a unique storage solution that maximizes space utilization and improves inventory management. These systems consist of a series of vertically stacked trays that move up and down automatically to deliver stored items to operators on demand.

With VLMs, aerospace companies can reduce their storage footprint, streamline their operations, and improve overall efficiency. By investing in VLMs, aerospace companies can achieve significant cost savings while enhancing their productivity and bottom line.

Cost Savings Benefits

With the rising costs of materials, labor, and technology, aerospace companies need to find ways to cut costs and generate revenue. VLMs can help companies benefit from cost savings due to:

Reduced Labor Costs

Traditionally, aerospace companies rely on human labor to retrieve and manage inventory. This process can be time-consuming, inefficient, and prone to errors.

With VLMs, the need for manual labor is significantly reduced. Instead, a computerized system retrieves items quickly and efficiently, reducing the need for human intervention. This means that aerospace companies can cut labor costs while improving the accuracy and speed of their storage management.

Improved Inventory Management

VLMs also improve inventory management, allowing companies to keep better track of their stock levels. With conventional storage methods, items can be misplaced, lost, or forgotten, wasting time and resources.

VLMs provide a more organized and efficient storage solution because each item is assigned a specific location within the module, and the computerized system keeps track of its location and quantity.

Improved Space Utilization

In the aerospace industry, storage space is often at a premium because of the equipment and supplies required. Standard storage solutions for aerospace companies often involve large warehouses or hangars with rows of shelves, racks, and cabinets. These inefficient solutions can take up space while providing limited storage capacity.

A VLM allows for much more efficient use of space because items are stored vertically, using the full height of the facility, freeing up valuable floor space for other uses. Instead of using aisles to access items, a VLM delivers items directly to the operator, reducing the space required for storage.

Reduced Picking Errors

Conventional storage methods can make it difficult for employees to locate the correct item, leading to mistakes and delays. VLMs ensure that the right item is retrieved every time. The system can also provide visual and audio cues to guide employees to the correct item, reducing the risk of errors and increasing the efficiency of order picking process.

Damage and Theft Reduction

Damage and theft are two costly issues that impact aerospace companies. Standard storage methods can leave items vulnerable, with items easily accessible to unauthorized personnel. However, VLMs provide a more secure storage solution.

With items stored vertically in an enclosed system, access is limited to authorized personnel only. The computerized system can track who accesses each item and when providing enhanced traceability and reduce the risk of theft.

Operational Efficiency Benefits

With the growing demand for air travel and space exploration, aerospace companies must streamline operations to remain competitive. VLMs can improve the operational efficiency of aerospace companies in several ways, including:

Improved Organization and Workflow

Aerospace companies deal with an enormous amount of equipment, spare parts, and other inventory items. VLMs use advanced inventory management software to organize and manage inventory items automatically. This software can categorize items based on their type, size, or frequency of use, making it easier for employees to locate and retrieve them.

Faster Retrieval Times

Any delay in retrieving equipment or spare parts can lead to a loss of revenue and productivity. VLMs use a system of trays and shuttles to retrieve items quickly and efficiently.

The system can locate and retrieve items in seconds, reducing the time required to retrieve inventory items. This speed can help aerospace companies respond quickly to customer demands and minimize downtime.

Increased Accuracy

VLMs use automated systems that can count inventory items accurately and ensure they are stored in the correct location. This accuracy can help aerospace companies reduce the risk of errors, improve their inventory management, and enhance their operational efficiency.

Enhanced Traceability

With advanced tracking software, VLMs can track inventory items in real-time, allowing companies to monitor equipment and spare parts movement from the manufacturer to the end user.

This data can provide insights into how often inventory items are used, when they need to be replaced, and whether any items are missing or damaged. By improving traceability, VLMs can help companies identify potential issues and take corrective action quickly, ultimately reducing downtime and improving productivity.

Better Safety

Safety is a top priority in the aerospace industry, and VLMs can help companies achieve better safety standards. With VLMs, inventory items can be safely stored compactly and well-organized, reducing the risk of injury from falling objects or cluttered workspaces.

VLMs can also help companies implement proper safety protocols, such as restricted access to certain inventory items or automated retrieval systems to minimize manual handling. This can create a safer work environment for employees and reduce the risk of accidents or injuries.

Vertical Lift Modules at Shelving + Rack Systems

Shelving + Rack Systems offers three types of Modula automated vertical lift modules (AVLMs) that could be effectively used in aerospace applications:

Modula SLIM

As the most compact VLM in the industry, the Modula SLIM takes up only 32.29 ft² of floor space, making it an ideal solution for aerospace businesses with limited storage space. Despite its small size, the Modula SLIM also features a high load capacity, double that of typical vertical carousels. It can accommodate a large number of aerospace components and parts thanks to its customizable storage options, including adjustable shelves and dividers.

The Modula SLIM can improve picking accuracy through its automated pointing lasers and alphanumeric LED bars. This feature can help businesses reduce errors in the picking process, leading to faster repairs and maintenance of aircraft.

The Modula SLIM is also energy-efficient, consuming less than 1.2kW/h. This low energy consumption can help businesses save on energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

The user-friendly Modula SLIM is designed with intuitive controls, including a touchscreen interface and picking aids. It is also quick to install; with a pre-assembled base module, it can be installed in 48 hours and easily integrated with existing inventory management systems.

Modula OnePick

The OnePick is a sophisticated solution perfect for eCommerce, self-service, and automated stores. The built-in extractor and picking bay runs without an operator, ensuring picking accuracy and removing products in boxes or bins without needing manual intervention.

With its dynamic tray height storage and 1” tray adjustability, the OnePick adjusts automatically to different bins, boxes, and containers, making it easy to accommodate and retrieve varying volumes, sizes, weights, and dimensions. It also retrieves from multiple rows, pulling items from different locations in the same tray, regardless of volume or shape.

The OnePick is easily integrated with existing conveyor belts, AGVs, and AGCs to speed up deliveries. It comes with Modula’s WMS to track inventory and processes, ensuring full traceability and real-time inventory management. It is also fully enclosed, ensuring the security of stocked products, and is an excellent solution for challenging facilities.

Modula LIFT

Modula LIFT

Modula LIFT is designed to efficiently store and retrieve heavy items in manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, and other industrial environments. In aerospace, it could be used to store and retrieve heavy aircraft parts, such as engines, landing gear, and fuselage sections.

With a maximum payload of up to 2,200 lbs. and tray sizes up to 13.4 feet wide, the Modula LIFT can meet nearly any aerospace application’s requirements. It also offers an external bay configuration that provides an ergonomic workspace for operators and can be combined with picking aids such as cranes and mechanical manipulators.

Boost Your Aerospace Company With Shelving + Rack Systems

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