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Vertical Lift Modules

A vertical lift module (VLM) is a high-density automated storage and retrieval system that significantly saves floor space and helps with increasing productivity. Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. has partnered with Modula to create a customized material handling storage system to save warehouse space and provide an efficient inventory management system.

The enclosed system utilizes vertically-arranged trays and vertical carousels for maximum storage density, so the operator picks materials from the storage trays at the most ergonomic height. The access opening is comfortable, removing the need to bend or stretch when transferring goods for the next stage of their journey. Parts storage can waste valuable storage space in your warehouse, but a VLM takes advantage of vertical space, reaching the ceiling height while reducing the amount of space you may need in square footage for your warehouse, manufacturing plant or distribution center.

A Modula VLM is ideal when reducing space required for store items in a high throughput environment. Your staff can remove heavy picks and light picks from the lift module’s front and rear, allowing you to efficiently organize your team. Forklift operators can remove bulky items from one side, while individual employees can take smaller pieces from the other side.

At the push of a button, stored items are whisked away, the steel internal frame structure providing excellent support, while the pre-coated exterior panels protect your merchandise from harm. Because the touch-screen user interface is straightforward, you can train staff in a short amount of time.

The intelligent software improves inventory control management, so you always know the precise stock levels. Due to the significant benefits to warehouse workflow, you can expect a speedy return on your investment. You can also use the floor space you free up to increase other revenue streams.

For a consultation on how custom-made Modula vertical lifts from Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. could benefit your business, contact our sales team at (800) 589-7225.

SRS-i and Modula Partnership

Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., is a proud partner of Modula advanced automated storage systems for warehouses and distribution centers. Modula’s Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) enables your facility to operate more efficiently and eliminate picking errors. Modula also makes Vertical Lift Modules (VLM) that offer safe and fast vertical movement of goods and can be customized to fit in small spaces.

SRS-i works with you and Modula to design and install customized storage solutions for your facility. Since Modula systems are made in the United States, we can deliver and install your system much faster than overseas competitors.

Modula systems are at the cutting-edge of storage technology and can fit a huge amount of storage into a small amount of floor space. They are a phenomenal replacement for older picking systems that rely on employee movement and vast rows of racking.

Investing in New Solutions

Older racking systems can be slow and prone to errors, but they may seem overwhelming to replace. For many managers, it seems easier to use the old system, even if picking errors and accidents start to add up.

It’s easy to assume that automated picking systems are out of reach due to budgetary restrictions. However, the increased efficiency leads to long-term savings that can have considerable benefits to your bottom line.

Our partnership with Modula allows you to explore new possibilities for your business, without getting overwhelmed by the details of installation and switching over to the new system. We can work with you to brainstorm ideas and design a customized solution that works for your products and facility size.

Innovative Warehouse Storage Solutions

vertical lift storage modules

Why Modula Is Different

All of Modula’s systems are designed for easy use by operators and have intuitive user interfaces with leading safety features. They are easy to re-train operators to use, which helps minimize costs and downtime as the new systems are installed.

The systems use physical barriers, clearly-marked safety rules, and high-quality parts to maximize user safety. Each tray is constructed to hold a set amount of weight, and this weight limit can be significantly increased at the time of your order if your facility needs it.

Each system also has customizable heights, tray sizes, and other specifications to allow you to meet the needs of your growing business. Every part is as space-efficient as possible to allow you to add more units over time without having to move to a new facility.

SRS-i is your one-stop-shop for racking and storage solutions. We pride ourselves on our ability to custom-tailor solutions for you, whether you’re a small warehouse or have multiple large facilities. Contact Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., at (800) 589-7225 to learn more about our Modula solutions for your business.

Modula Vertical Storage Systems

  • Modula LIFT

    Modula LIFT uses high-density shelving to streamline your operations and keep your items moving efficiently, even in small spaces. It is designed for heavy items and is built for maximum safety and security.

  • Modula OnePick

    Modula OnePick is fully automated and can handle bins and boxes of varying sizes. The space between trays is kept to a minimum to make storage as efficient as possible, even if the boxes are different sizes.

  • Modula HC

    The Modula Horizontal Carousel (HC) is a carousel picking system designed for advanced order fulfillment applications.

  • Modula SLIM

    Modula SLIM offers low-maintenance and durable storage without compromising on speed and accessibility. Since it’s less than 66” deep, it’s perfect for smaller warehouses, factories, and any facility that needs to store items in a narrow space.


Modula ASRS Systems

  • Vertical Lift Modules

    If you’re unsure whether to invest in vertical storage, we can also create a customized Modula Horizontal Carousel (HC) system for you. Modula HC is a leading order fulfillment system that can include up to 90 bins on a single standard configuration. The direct drive system is energy-efficient and keeps items moving quickly while maximizing worker safety.

  • Horizontal Carousels

    Horizontal carousels are an excellent option for complex order fulfillment facilities that often have a large number of small parts per order. They are also ideal for storage facilities that have plenty of horizontal floor space, but lower ceilings.


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