How Much Does It Cost to Install Used Warehouse Shelving Racks?

Used Pallet Rack Shelving

Used warehouse racking is an affordable option for the warehouse manager on a budget, but it’s not the only cost you have to consider. Installation costs are determined by several factors, including the type of warehouse pallet racking you need, the number of upright frames, support beams, spacers, and anchors. These factors affect the number of bays and pallets you can store, impacting warehouse efficiency and productivity.

Additional Considerations

Other factors to consider regarding the cost of used pallet racking and its installation include:


The state and city in which your warehouse is located can also play a role in your costs. If your state requires seismic calculations by a qualified engineer before installation to ensure your storage racks meet seismic design parameters, you’ll incur a consultation and inspection fee.

Whether You Choose Shelving vs. Racking

One of the first questions you should ask is: “Do I need racking or shelving?” If you use order pickers to retrieve relatively small items manually or only need minimal storage in a factory, racking may be unnecessary.

Shelving units are generally less expensive to purchase and install for low-volume operations with low turnover and don’t require the same due diligence regarding inspection procedures. However, if you use material-handling equipment, such as forklift trucks to retrieve palletized inventory, pallet rack shelving is your best option.

Fabrication Method

The fabrication and assembly method of your pallet racking system can affect its ease and cost of installation. The two primary types of racking are roll formed and structural.

Roll Formed Racking

In roll formed racking, cold-rolled steel beams are attached to upright frames using teardrop-shaped holes.

Connecting points on the beams enter these holes, and a professional installer uses a mallet to hammer the beams securely into place. The installer then applies safety clips for added security. This method is simple and inexpensive — no special tools are required. Roll formed racking provides adequate strength and durability for low-volume, low-traffic applications.

Roll Formed Shelving

Shelving Systems

If you need a shelving unit that uses a similar assembly method to roll formed racking, consider our Klip-It™ Industrial Steel Shelving. Designed for a diverse range of inventory items, the cold-rolled steel Klip-It™ system has a 400 lb. maximum weight capacity, depending on size. Available in either open or closed configurations, the Klip-It™ can accommodate compression clips, allowing for independent shelf adjustment. For increased corrosion resistance, the shelving unit also has an oven-cured enamel finish.

Structural Racking

In structural racking, hot-rolled steel uprights and beams are bolted together. While structural racking is stronger and more durable, it’s both heavier and more complicated to assemble. The increased weight contributes to the shipping cost, and the installation process requires skilled professionals experienced in assembling structural racking.

The higher installation costs may be worth it if you need higher load capacities or increased durability for high-traffic environments. The reduction in repair or replacement frequency, and the reduced chance of rack failure, can offset the high initial outlay associated with structural racking.

Types and Estimated Costs

The type of pallet rack you select directly affects the cost of installation. For example, single-deep pallet racks are comparatively low-cost storage options for small- to medium-sized warehouses. A type of selective racking, these are among the most affordable to install and provide easy access to forklift operators. Installation of single-deep pallet racks is among the least expensive.

In a double-deep pallet rack, each bay has a second row for storing additional inventory. The cost of installing double-deep pallet racking can be more than twice that of single-deep pallet racks per pallet position. As manufacturing complexity and the number of parts increase, so does the cost.

Pallet flow racking is a high-density storage system that uses inclined roller lanes to allow pallets to flow from the rear of the rack (the charging side) to the front face (the discharging side). A dynamic storage system, pallet-flow racking uses gravity to feed inventory to the picking or retrieval face on a FIFO basis.

As pallet flow racks are generally more complex, the installation process is more expensive, running up to four times the cost per pallet position of single-deep pallet racking.

Drive-in racking can be cost-comparative or more expensive, depending on the number of storage bays deep and high you need.

Installing Used Racking

At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we specialize in installing racking systems. If you need to install used pallet racking, call us at (800) 589-7225. We can help you calculate the pallet rack pricing and installation costs, depending on your storage and retrieval needs. We also sell a variety of racking and shelving systems to meet the requirements of your facility.