Pallet Racking and Shelving Installation Guide

Warehouses, manufacturing plants, and distribution centers are hubs of activity. Warehouse aisles and storage spaces can get very crowded during busy periods, reducing usable floor space. While a cluttered facility may not seem like a big deal, it can negatively impact efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Installing a proper shelving or pallet racking system helps streamline your facility, improving capacity, productivity, and daily operations. High-quality storage systems are space-efficient, enabling you to make the most of your facility’s horizontal and vertical space.

They also improve warehouse safety, reduce clutter, and provide sturdy storage for all goods, including heavy and bulky products.

Two of the most critical steps for any warehouse or project manager are determining the correct type of storage equipment for space and installing it correctly.

Different Types of Warehouse Racking

Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of new and used warehouse equipment. We stock a wide range of storage equipment, from cold storage racks to bulk rack shelving.

We carry everything from entire pallet racking systems to replacement cantilever pallet rack frames. Our complete inventory list caters to a variety of warehouse racking and shelving styles, including:

  • Boltless shelving
  • Industrial shelving
  • Mobile shelving
  • Wire shelving
  • Cantilever racking
  • Bulk racking
  • Selective racking
  • Flow racking

Choosing the Right Pallet Racks

Choosing the best available storage equipment for your facility can be a challenge for your business. In addition to your budget, there are other critical determining factors to consider.

Product type

The basic requirement of any pallet racking system is to have the design, size, and load capacity to store certain types of products. Pallet racks are available in various styles and configurations, so it’s essential to choose one capable of housing the goods you store.

Pallet rack frames are fundamental to virtually all racking styles. We stock a selection of frames for different systems. Our tear drop frames are popular with selective racking and step-back systems. They are easy to assemble and configure, requiring minimal equipment. Available in various sizes, some of these frames can support up to 26,620 lbs.

Storage utilization

Certain pallet racking systems are more space-efficient than others. If your facility processes large volumes of similar goods, you may require a high-density storage option, like drive-in or flow racking systems. These systems increase operational space by allowing you to stock large quantities of items in compact areas.

If your business mainly handles bulky or heavy materials, cantilever racks may be more effective. These systems are specially designed for long, awkward, and non-palletized goods. They allow you to stack goods vertically and easily access using forklifts and material handling equipment. A cantilever pallet rack system doesn’t feature a vertical beam at the front, so the goods are unobstructed and easy to retrieve.

Our galvanized steel cantilever racking is a versatile storage option designed for long, bulky, and heavy-duty items. They are hot-dipped in a galvanized coating, making them rust and corrosion-resistant. These racks are perfect for cold storage and freezer applications.

Equipment accessibility

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to warehouse storage systems. Your equipment and products must be easily accessible by warehouse material handling equipment, forklifts, or operators, depending on the available space and the preferred retrieval methods.


Inventory management system

Inventory management systems are crucial for multiple reasons. They help you maintain accurate stock records and ensure there isn’t too much or too little inventory available. They also promote a fast and efficient flow of goods through the warehouse, improving fulfillment.

Some racking systems are designed for specific types of inventory management. For example, a double-deep structural pallet rack system is designed for high-density storage. However, it requires forklifts to gain access to the goods. It is designed for a first-in-last-out (FILO) inventory management system and is best suited to storing homogenous goods.

Mobile shelving is an excellent option for smaller facilities that don’t use machinery for product retrieval. Pharmaceutical companies often use mobile shelving to transport goods to and from cold storage units. We stock a range of mobile storage units, including low- and high-density options.

Our 4-shelf mobile units contain adjustable shelves, which you can reconfigure in 1-inch increments. They are constructed with durable casters and braking casters, ensuring they can stand up to daily use. These carts have an overall weight capacity of 1,200 lbs, evenly distributed across the shelves.

Pallet Rack Installation

Once you’ve decided whether you need industrial shelving, cantilever racks, or a combination of storage options, the next most crucial step is installation. Experienced warehouse managers and operators sometimes assume responsibility for assembling and installing new storage equipment. While this can save the business some money in the short term, it is not ideal.

Pallet racking must be installed correctly to perform optimally. Even the highest quality racks from industry-leading brands can cause problems if they’re incorrectly installed. Problematic racking and shelving not only slow productivity and efficiency, but they may also cause safety hazards. Beams, shelves, and other components can twist, bend, or crack unexpectedly, making the unit vulnerable to collapse.

Consider hiring professionals to install your pallet racking systems to ensure your equipment is assembled and erected correctly. At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we are not just equipment suppliers. We are a turnkey service, providing a range of key warehouse operations, including racking and shelving installations. Our factory-trained and fully insured installation crews can ensure your storage projects are installed safely and correctly.

As experienced warehouse professionals, we can assist your business in every step of the process, from the planning phase to the final stages of installation. Our goal is to help organizations find the most efficient and successful systems that boost the productivity of their operations, regardless of the industry.

A professional installation also helps ensure compliance with the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

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Pallet racking and shelving are essential for all types of inventory storage, saving your business space, time, and money. However, for an industrial storage system to be safe and effective, you must install it properly. Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., can assemble and install your equipment correctly, keeping your facility safe.
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