A Few Innovative Ways to Use Cantilever Racking

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is a common warehouse storage system used for storing long, bulky items and non-palletized inventory. Cantilever rack systems lack front support columns, which increases product visibility and material handling access.

Lumber, PVC pipe, furniture, and cars are commonly stored on cantilevers, but there are more innovative ways to use them. Outfitting a cantilever system with decking creates a hybrid storage solution by combining aspects of cantilevers and pallet racks. Cantilevers can also accommodate rail attachments for hanging inventory like clothes or boxes.

Cantilevers are already designed to work with unique inventory needs, and with these innovative uses, they may be just what your warehouse needs to optimize your storage space.

Outfit Cantilever Racking with Decking

Adding decking to a cantilever rack creates cantilevered shelving that can accommodate both palletized inventory and the bulky items commonly stored on cantilevers. Decking increases vertical storage space without taking up floor space. The decking options range from wire decking to particle board and steel decking.

Wire mesh decking

For the cantilever decking with maximum visibility, use wire mesh decking. Jaken Wire Mesh Decking comes in various sizes, from the smallest 18” depth by 35” width to the biggest 48” depth by 47” width. Wire mesh decking also maintains the cantilever rack’s fire safety rating by providing access for water and fire suppression from sprinkler systems.

The visibility that wire decks afford helps material handlers locate and accurately pick inventory. According to the Rack Manufacturers Institute, loads on wire racks must be evenly distributed to avoid point loading. Point loading can lead to decking damage, excessive deflection, or collapse.

Particle Board Decking

Particle board decking

Particle board decking is a cost-effective way to create platforms for lightweight storage. The particle boards connect to the cantilever arms and uprights. Lyon Particle Board Decking has a load capacity range of 650 lbs. to 1,000 lbs. Since particle board is relatively lightweight, it is best for lightweight cantilever systems like the Little Giant All Welded Cantilever Rack, which has a maximum load capacity of 1,500 lbs. per shelving unit.

Welded Cantilever rack

A particle board deck outfitted to the Little Giant All Welded Cantilever rack is designed to store items primarily handled without material handling equipment. The particle board decking combined with the removable retainer pipes works toward maximal load retention, which is especially important for the mobile option.

Heavy-duty steel decking

Heavy-duty steel decking

Heavy-duty steel decking is the best option if your cantilever racking system needs to store heavy products in palletized and non-palletized forms. Little Giant All-Welded Steel Rack Decking has a load capacity of 3,000 lbs. per decking section. The section’s depth to width measurements range from 36” x 46” to 48” x 58”.

Steel decking features a waterfall lip that goes over the cantilever arms for added security, unlike particle board decking. The number of arms per decking section depends on the width of the section, arm capacity, and inventory weight.

Attach Rails for Hanging Inventory

Another innovative way to utilize your cantilever racking system is by attaching horizontal rails in between the arms for hanging lightweight inventory. This storage solution is great for storing large amounts of clothes or unfolded boxes.

Medium Duty Cantilever Rack

The Meco Series 1000 Medium-Duty Cantilever Rack is perfect for horizontal bar installation and hanging storage. The arms, which for hanging storage should be the straight kind, can be adjusted up and down the column at 3” intervals. This means the rack can adapt to the size of the inventory.

The cantilever arms on this Meco Cantilever Rack also come in 12, 18”, 24”, 30” or 36” lengths. The longer, the better for hanging inventory because you can fit more horizontal bars to the arms as long as you stay within the arm’s load capacity. That should not be a limiting factor with this rack because even the longest arm option has a load capacity from 3,800 lbs. to 4,100 lbs.

Protect Your Inventory and Employees

Cantilever racks have superior accessibility, but that comes with the danger of decreased product retention. Retainer pipes at the end of arms stop materials from falling off the front of the rack, and mesh wiring does the same for the back of the rack.

Mesh Guarding by BeastWire

Mesh Guarding by BeastWire is an addition for cantilever racks that improves worker safety and storage retention. Wire guards for the back of cantilever racks keep inventory from falling off the back of the storage system.

Customize Your Storage Space with Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking can store bulky items, support decking for palletized inventory, and even accommodate hanging inventory like clothes. Its multiple innovative uses make it ideal for warehouses with changing storage needs.

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