Many Benefits of Security Cages and Wire Partitions


Warehouse inventory and staff are the most valuable assets of any storage or distribution company. Although insurance can protect your business from financial loss due to an accident, it can’t prevent issues from occurring. Wire mesh partitions and security cages are a cost-effective way to safeguard your inventory and create a more organized facility.

Wire panels and cages can also help you to optimize your warehouse layout. If you need to build restricted areas for high-value items or sensitive materials, partitions, and wire security cages prevent unauthorized personnel from gaining access. These physical barriers can also help keep employees safe from accidental contact with hazardous materials.

What Are Security Cages and Wire Partitions?

To determine what type of security equipment you need in your material handling facility, it’s essential to understand what wire cages and partitions are.

Security cages

Cages are fully enclosed storage units used to hold valuable inventory, fragile goods, or potentially hazardous materials, like pharmaceuticals or chemicals. Most storage cages are built from wired steel panels for improved visibility, light circulation, and unrestricted air circulation. They typically have lockable doors or access points, ensuring only authorized staff has access.

Although security cages are available in a wide variety of sizes and materials, many are constructed using heavy-gauge steel for maximum protection. Depending on your budget and storage needs, you can choose from a wide range of lock options, floor anchors, and steel thickness.

Wire partitions

Wire partitioning is a multifunctional warehouse material, offering organizational and safety benefits. It can be used as aisle guarding, separate goods, identify specific warehouse storage areas, or simply provide barrier protection for palletized inventory. Steel mesh partitions offer the most stable and secure partitions for storage racks.

Their modular design ensures they can be adapted to a variety of storage options, from selective pallet racking to industrial shelving. They are typically easy to install, requiring no special tools during assembly.

Benefits of Security Cages and Wire Partitions

Some storage facilities need permanent walls and specialized storage equipment to house different types of goods. For example, pharmaceutical products and perishable food items may need to be kept in cold storage or freezer rooms. However, separate rooms and permanent structures aren’t always required to separate products.

Wire mesh panels and wire mesh cages are cost-effective and versatile. They are durable, secure, and provide ample air circulation, making them popular storage options for a broad range of products. The main benefits of wire mesh products include:

Ease of installation

Wire partition panels and cages are easy to assemble and install. They can be put together using standard hand tools with minimal use of nuts, bolts, and small components. Available in a range of custom sizes, you can choose a partition size that aligns with your pallet rack system or warehouse layout.

Wire security cages are created using multiple partitions and ceiling panels. They are assembled and installed with common hand tools and can be anchored to the concrete floor for added security.

We stock a variety of partitions and wire enclosures for a range of industries, from food and beverage suppliers to manufacturing facilities. Our woven wire partitions are manufactured from rugged 10-gauge steel, providing a secure protective barrier for warehouse goods. We also supply swing doors, slide doors, floor shoes, and anchors, allowing you to assemble and build custom wire partition enclosures.

Product safety

Protecting inventory should be a priority for warehouse managers. Warehouses and distribution centers are hives of activity. Forklifts and machine handling equipment are frequently used for product retrieval in heavy traffic areas, occasionally colliding with columns or pallet racks. A protective screen can help prevent items from loosening and falling after contact with machinery, protecting your inventory and staff.

Many facilities experience product misuse or theft, particularly when they store small, high-value goods. Secure wire cages with strong doors and locking mechanisms improve the security of a tool crib or pharmaceutical storage space.

A wire cage can also help with warehouse organization, providing an enclosed area for warehouse goods and reducing the number of trip hazards.

If you’re looking for a way to improve the security of your warehouse inventory, consider our welded wire security cages. We stock two, three, and four-sided wire cages as part of our E-Series range. These cages are available with reversible hinged or sliding doors, formed ribs along the partitions, and hinged mortise locks.

The welded mesh doesn’t unravel and provides a durable barrier for your goods. It promotes free-flowing air circulation and doesn’t obstruct visibility.


Improved visibility

Warehouse operators should be able to locate and identify merchandise quickly and easily. Large plastic partitions, cement columns, and permanent walls limit visibility. This makes it more difficult and time-consuming for employees to check inventory status or monitor stock levels. Slow operations can have a detrimental impact on warehouse productivity, often leading to delayed fulfillment and warehouse congestion.

Wire caging and partitions don’t impede product visibility. They allow workers to identify inventory and inspect goods quickly. Staff can even monitor pallet racks without having direct access.

Our high-visibility wire mesh enclosures are an ideal storage solution for machinery, tools, and restricted items (e.g., hazardous materials). The cages are made from high-quality steel and come with a hinged door, padlock lugs, and necessary assembly hardware. Ceilings are not included, but we supply different sized panels, allowing you to build your own.

Warehouse safety requirements

One of the key advantages of using wire partitions and security cages is warehouse safety compliance. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) outlines clear guidelines relating to warehouse safety. Warehouses must have adequate ventilation, clear aisles that are free of trip hazards, safe and appropriate storage equipment, and safe processes regarding the handling of hazardous materials.

OSHA representatives conduct warehouse inspections throughout the U.S., ensuring safety standards are met. Failing to comply with OSHA standards can result in severe penalties of up to $14,500 per violation.

Wire mesh storage equipment helps with OSHA compliance. It provides a secure area to keep hazardous materials and reduces clutter and trip hazards. The wire gaps ensure the storage area is well ventilated at all times.


Cages and partitions offer a low-cost method of warehouse organization. Rather than applying for planning permission to build a new room or extend a section of the warehouse, you can separate inventory using easy-to-assemble metal partitions. They are a fast and effective way to improve warehouse organization and protect your goods without having to make a significant investment.

Our high-security wire partition systems are affordable for bolstering your warehouse security. They are available in a range of sizes, from 1 x 4 feet to 10 x 5 feet, ensuring you can build a system to accommodate your precise storage needs. Each partition is manufactured from heavy-duty, all-welded steel, offering long-lasting durability.

We can even pre-engineer your panels to ensure a perfect fit. Provide us with the key measurements of your space, and we’ll manufacture each unit to your exact specifications. All panels come with assembly hardware, posts, and floor anchors, ensuring straightforward assembly.

Final Thoughts

At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we provide a range of new and used warehouse and storage equipment, including security cages and wire meshing. We also offer several ancillary services to help you develop a highly productive and efficient workspace. Whether you need assistance planning the layout of your storage facility or you require professional installation, we’ve got you covered.

Our comprehensive turnkey management offering includes planning, layout design, equipment selection, assembly, installation, and project management. We can even help you secure building permits if you’re considering an extension or rebuild. Schedule a consultation to discuss your options.

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