Are Mobile Shelving Systems Right for You?

Mobile Shelving Systems

High-density mobile storage systems are one of the most cost-effective ways to increase the storage capacity of your warehouse. A mobile shelving unit allows you to reduce the total aisle width required for picking equipment such as forklift trucks and dollies. Their mobility also allows you to use the total square footage of your warehouse, helping improve product picking and inventory transportation in manual handling facilities.

Despite its versatility, mobile storage solutions are not suitable for every facility. Storing bulky or heavy-duty goods or palletized inventory requires a comprehensive pallet racking system. However, consider a high-density mobile storage system if you need an immediate and affordable solution to meet your growing storage needs.

Mobile Shelving vs. Static Shelving

Choosing between mobile and static shelving can significantly impact the productivity and output of your storage facility. Although static shelves often boast a higher load capacity, mobile units can improve the functionality of your warehouse with more efficient space utilization. It’s crucial to weigh up the benefits and drawbacks of each before deciding on a high-density storage system.

Static shelves are essentially permanent warehouse fixtures. Unless they are fully unloaded and disassembled, they are difficult to move. Mobile shelving enables you to adapt to seasonal fluctuations or busy periods seamlessly.

Mobile bases are also equipped with casters that can be locked securely. Many mobile shelving units double as static shelves when they’re not in motion. Our broad range of accessories includes a variety of casters, enabling you to upgrade to general, light, medium, or heavy-duty caster wheels. We also stock steel safety locks, which can be secured to all portable equipment, anchoring it firmly to the floor.

High-density mobile shelving systems are also useful in retail environments, providing staff with a safe and easy method for transporting bulky items to and from the stockroom. However, warehouse management should be vigilant of safety hazards when storing goods in tight spaces.

Stock rooms, loading bays, and other areas with high activity levels should be carefully organized. Consider using aisle marking tape and signage to direct and guide employees, creating a safer working environment.

Different Types of Mobile Shelving Systems

Mobile shelving is one of the most effective storage solutions for a warehouse with limited space. However, it is available in various styles, sizes, and materials, to accommodate different modes of operation. Warehouse management must determine what type of mobile unit best solves their storage needs.

Essential factors to consider when purchasing mobile shelving systems include:

  • Floor space
  • Vertical space
  • Storage aisle space
  • Type of inventory you stock
  • Inventory weight
  • Inventory size
  • Inventory management system
  • Budget

At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we carry a wide variety of secure storage options. Some of the most popular mobile systems we provide include:

Wire mobile shelving

Wire shelving is specially designed to allow constant airflow between products and the shelving units. This ventilation prevents excess condensation buildup and minimizes mold and bacterial growth to keep goods fresher for longer.

Wire shelving is the ideal storage system if your business manufactures or distributes perishable goods. Wire shelving is frequently used in the food and beverage industry and is often installed in pharmaceutical cold rooms. It is also a popular storage option for housing cannabis products because it increases air circulation for more efficient drying and curing.

Our 4-shelf wire shelves are heavy-duty mobile options for high-volume distribution centers and warehouses. They have an overall weight capacity of 1,200 lbs, evenly distributed across all shelves. They come with braking casters, which act as safety locks for a safer warehouse environment.

Heavy-duty mobile shelving

Unlike lighter grade or plastic shelves, heavy-duty shelves can support cumbersome loads and high quantities of goods. High-density mobile shelving allows you to optimize your storage space without worrying about overloading when storage space is scarce. Just make sure the weight of inventory doesn’t exceed the maximum load capacity of each shelf.

Some heavy-duty mobile shelves are optimized for vertical storage, allowing you to use high warehouse ceilings. Movable shelving systems are also an excellent choice for loading bays and docks. The casters allow you to load the inventory directly onto the shelf and then transport it to its designated location in the storage area.

Our industrial-grade, heavy-gauge steel mobile shelf trucks are an excellent choice if you’re looking for high-density shelving options. The rugged shelves are available in 20 gauge steel and are designed to hold up to 1,000 lbs. For easy access to storage, consider the open-style shelves. However, the 3-sided style may be more suitable if you frequently move goods around your facility as they offer more protection.

If your daily storage needs exceed 1,000 to 2,000 lbs, perhaps mobile shelving isn’t suitable for you. For heavy-duty building supplies like steel sheets, lumber, or machinery, cantilever pallet racking is more effective.

Shelf tray mobile shelving systems

Shelf tray mobile shelving

Shelf tray mobile units are helpful in various industries, from warehousing to catering. They are essentially multi-tiered carts designed to keep small components, tools, or products safe and secure while they’re being transported.

Shelf trays can fulfill multiple roles in a warehouse or storage facility. Although they may be used to store goods, trays are relatively small, making them less efficient as sole storage units. Their primary warehouse function is for loading or retrieving smaller items. Each shelf can be categorized, enabling the storage of a high volume of SKUs.

Shelf trays are also useful as maintenance carts. They can be stocked with aisle tape, labeling materials, scanners, clipboards, tools, and other critical equipment for inspecting and maintaining other shelving units or warehouse machinery.

Our tray shelf trucks are robust and durable, meaning they can be used in a range of environments, including warehousing. They are designed to support up to 1,000 lbs. over five shelves. The shelves are available in 5-18 gauge steel and feature a shallow lip to prevent goods from spilling over the edge. With a built-in handle and high-quality casters, the shelf trucks can be easily transported around your facility.

Mobile carriages

Mobile carriages or carts are excellent low-cost, high-quality storage solutions. Many mobile carriages feature lockable front doors, keeping your inventory safe. Mobile carts are industrial-style storage units, typically used to store and transport medium to heavy-duty goods. They are typically found in warehouses, hardware stores, or agricultural co-operatives and are often used indoors and outdoors.

We stock several carriage types with different design features catering to products in various shapes and sizes. Our rolling wire carts are built around a solid carriage base, made from steel tubing and strip metal. Quality polyurethane casters facilitate smooth carriage movement. Our carriage systems are electro-zinc plated, offering durability and temperature resistance.

Carriage lengths vary from 36-63” ensuring you can find a suitable size for different types of inventory. It’s also vital to consider carriage weights since this directly impacts the unit’s load capacity. Our largest carriages have a maximum load capacity of 2,220 lbs. Additional shelves can be bought separately, allowing you to fully customize your unit.

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