New and Used Pallet Racks for Sale

Used Pallet Racks for Sale

Pallet racks provide warehouse managers with a stable and efficient method for storing and organizing inventory. They arrange palletized goods efficiently in horizontal rows. Some pallet racking systems enable you to use vertical space by allowing multiple tiers of racking to be stacked.

Pallet racking is available in a wide variety of styles and configurations. Certain styles are designed to accommodate a specific type or size of product, while others are intended for particular inventory management systems. Most high-quality pallet racks are built from durable steel, ensuring resilience and longevity.

Due to their durability, pallet racks often maintain their structural integrity for years or even decades. Therefore, there is a massive market for used storage equipment. Provided the pallet rack parts are in good condition, used pallet racking is a cost-effective approach to storage for startups or expansion.

How is Pallet Racking Configured?

There are several popular styles of pallet racking. While some have structural differences, most work similarly. The pallet rack beams are secured to the uprights, either with a teardrop-style rivet system or bolts, creating individual storage levels. These can be fitted with wire decking, a solid steel deck, or boards to hold various pallet rack products.

All pallet racking is intended for storing palletized inventory, so most systems use the same key components:

Pallet rack beams

Pallet rack beams provide horizontal support for pallet rack systems. They attach to the upright frames, creating various storage levels for pallets and other forms of inventory. Depending on the size of the system and the beam capacity, you may be able to install multiple beams, making use of the available vertical space in your facility.

The distance between the beams on each rack may also impact the load capacity. If there is a large gap between beam levels, the load capacity decreases. Cross beams are usually made from heavy-gauge steel, providing longevity in industrial environments.

We stock several pallet racking beam options for a range of storage requirements. Our step pallet rack beams provide seamless access to pallets. They are designed to accommodate a high volume of SKUs in several weights. We supply these beams in various sizes, depending on your storage needs.

Our largest step back beams can support up to 7,215 lbs. They are designed for selective racking systems.

Column uprights

Pallet rack uprights provide vertical support to a system and significantly impact the overall weight capacity of the unit. Uprights contain several mounting components, allowing you to attach and adjust beam levels.

Before choosing a certain upright type, it’s essential to determine its compatibility with your beams. Tear drop connectors are handy for fast and easy assembly and reconfiguration. However, they are not compatible with all types of beams. You must make sure that all of your chosen equipment works in unison.

Our FastRak uprights are designed for heavy-duty storage. Each of these uprights supports up to 7,000 lbs. The tear drop design ensures fast and easy assembly and reconfiguration. Consider securing your inventory with detachable foot plates if you handle heavy items, like building materials.


Bracing and sway braces provide additional support for your pallet rack system. They are essentially bars that connect between uprights. Although sway braces are available in several styles, they are usually installed diagonally. This formation provides maximum strength, helping prevent the racks from buckling or sagging under the weight of inventory.

Brace sets are usually designed for heavy-duty storage systems, like cantilever racking. We provide rugged cantilever rack braces that offer lateral stability to your cantilever system. They are suitable for heavy-duty and extra heavy-duty equipment. These braces use hair pin keepers to ensure the easy adjustability of cantilever arms.


Pallet rack anchors are another type of support equipment. They help secure pallet racking systems from experiencing damage due to contact with forklifts, warehouse machinery, or extreme weather events like earthquakes. These units are secured to the ground, usually via an anchor bolt, stabilizing the racking and helping avoid collapse.

We also stock pallet rack starters and add-on units, allowing you to build your own custom system. The kits are available in 96 or 144″ heights. The weight capacities of these units depend on factors like beam width and spacing. Our largest beams have a maximum capacity of 9,370 lbs.

Types of Pallet Racking

The size, style, and configuration of a pallet rack system dictate its effectiveness in your warehouse. The primary goal of warehouse pallet racking is to improve efficiency, space utilization, and productivity. At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we stock a wide range of new and used warehouse storage equipment for a variety of industries.

We also supply pallet rack accessories, including safety equipment, like column protectors and commercial shelving. Some of the most popular style pallet racks and equipment we supply include:

Pallet Rack Components

Selective pallet racking

Selective pallet racking is one of the most popular types of storage in North America. A standard selective pallet rack has a simple design. Each rack has a single deep pallet configuration, providing excellent product visibility. If you require increased depth, position racks back to back for double deep pallet racking.

While selective racking is a low-density storage option when compared to other styles, like drive-in racking, it is one of the best in terms of load selectivity. Individual pallets can be accessed easily, making it a practical solution for a distribution center with many SKUs.

The loading and unloading process is seamless, helping improve the speed of operations within a facility. We stock selective pallet racking in a variety of sizes and materials. Our galvanized pallet racks are a robust and flexible option for virtually any storage facility. The galvanized finish provides excellent durability, ensuring these units can be used in harsh conditions, including cold storage.

Our largest racks offer a frame capacity of up to 30,580 lbs. These selective racks stack vertically, allowing you to maximize your available warehouse space.

Carton flow racking

A carton flow rack, or pallet flow rack, is a live storage system. It is a high-density option designed for storing and distributing lightweight goods and cartons throughout a warehouse. This type of system can contribute to space and labor savings. It is a semi-automated design that helps reduce product travel time and improve control over stock turnover.

Carton flow racks operate on inclined rails or wheels. These are used to transport the inventory from the loading bay to the picking bay. The cartons are typically fitted with braking casters for additional control over the inventory. Carton flow racks are most effective for first-in-first-out (FIFO) inventory management systems in high-volume storage facilities.

We stock a variety of equipment for carton flow systems, including wheels and conveyors. Our medium-duty conveyors are available in strong aluminum or heavy-gauge steel. They are perfect for transferring heavy cartons, boxes, packages, and inventory through a distribution center. Each unit has a frame capacity of 900 lbs.

Cantilever racking

Cantilever racks are designed to store and organize heavy loads, like lumber, steel sheets, or building supplies. These racks have a unique build with large, outward arms forming the main storage surface area. Cantilever racks don’t have front upright columns, ensuring easier loading and unloading by forklifts.

Cantilever racks can also be fitted with various forms of decking to accommodate non-standard pallets. Due to its durability and versatility, wire decking is a popular option for heavier pallets. Cantilever pallet rack wire decking promotes air circulation, preventing moisture buildup, which is very important for the preservation of wood-based materials and building supplies.

If you require industrial pallet racks, we carry a variety of great cantilever options, including rugged bulk pallet racks and heavy-duty frames. Our Series 2000 heavy-duty cantilever racks from Meco Omaha are popular with lumber mills and industrial warehouses.

They are manufactured from heavy-gauge steel so that they can stand up to years of rough use. A key advantage of these racks is the ease of configuration. The arms are adjustable at 3” centers along the entire length of the uprights. The maximum capacity for a single set of arms is 36,200 lbs, ensuring you can store a wide range of heavy-duty goods.

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