How Does Pushback Racking Work?

Pushback Racking

Storage space optimization is vital in any warehouse or fulfillment center. Increased storage density enables you to store more items in less space to save you money and boost efficiency in your facility. It enables you to maximize space without expanding your warehouse or limiting the number of products you store.

Forklift drivers do not have to enter an aisle for the loading or unloading of pallets. This increases safety and reduces the amount of time spent moving around the warehouse. The single-aisle design allows for longer and wider storage rack space.

How Pushback Racking Systems Work

Pushback racking is a type of live storage system designed for last-in-first-out (LIFO) inventory management systems. Live storage systems are compact and use gravity to load and retrieve goods. Pushback product storage has become extremely popular in recent years as it can accommodate high-density storage.

Pushback racking uses a single bay for loading and unloading. It is typically located at the front of the structure. The pallets are loaded through an open aisle, one after the next. Each pallet pushes the previous one backward, using a subsequent pallet loading rail system.


Some pushback systems use shuttles, allowing the pallets to slide backward and forward as the pallets are loaded and retrieved. However, the last pallet must be placed on an incline rail to ensure the entire system moves in unison.


Instead of using shuttles, some pushback systems move on rollers. The roller beds attach to the rack structure at a slight incline, ensuring the pallets slide smoothly back and forth.

We stock a wide variety of rollers for a range of product types. Our extruded aluminum conveyors are available in PVC and stainless steel. Choose from various widths and lengths, depending on the kind of products you store.

For more heavy-duty applications, consider our steel roller conveyors. The 10-gauge steel frame supports up to 1,400 lbs. of inventory. The 16-gauge steel rollers carry a storage capacity of 250 lbs. each.

What is Pushback Racking?

Pushback racking is a live storage system for the accumulation of pallets, just like the Live Pallet Racking FIFO system (AR Live Storage). However, it is used primarily for LIFO type load management inventory.

The pallets move on inclined rails that tilt slightly towards the back of the unit. This makes it easier to load and retrieve the rear pallets from forklift trucks. The ease of access and depth of storage make this a more efficient option than other drive-in systems. Pushback racking is one of the most popular solutions for food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing facilities.

Due to its modular design, pushback racking can also be used in conjunction with other storage equipment, like steel shelving. It is a versatile and flexible storage option that can improve the productivity and efficiency of a space. Pushback racking doesn’t require a lot of aisle space. Forklift operators can work safely without major obstructions.

Benefits of Pushback Racking

There are several benefits to pushback racking, regardless of your industry. It uses space efficiently as a live storage system, facilitating horizontal and vertical space. The key benefits of a pushback system include:

Pushback pallet racking system


Perhaps the biggest advantage of pushback racking over any other style is its efficiency. It uses a single aisle for product loading and retrieval. If space-saving is a priority, pushback racking is one of the best options. It is a deep pallet racking system that can store a wide range of goods, from homogeneous non-perishable products to automotive machinery.

Many warehouse managers color code individual racks to help identify products quickly. At a glance, fork truck operators can recognize items and check how many pallets are stacked behind a newly loaded pallet. The pallet position and ease of product access also prevent rack damage.

We stock a range of high-quality product storage equipment that can significantly improve your system’s efficiency. We carry a selection of vertical beam options, frames, and accessories, ensuring you can develop a system that fits your storage needs.

Our Unirak frames are a versatile option that can accommodate regular product rotation and a variety of SKUs. They use a teardrop design, allowing you to assemble and reconfigure the racks easily. The beam spacings determine the weight capacity per shelf. However, these units can support up to 21,200 lbs. of weight.

These adjustable pallet rack systems can move in 2″ increments over the full length of the frame. The high-gloss finish provides resistance against scratching, corrosion, and costly product damage. We provide custom racks, ensuring you can benefit from virtually any height or storage depth.


Pushback racking is designed for high-density storage. It enables you to make the most of your available warehouse space, with each pallet rack taking up minimal room. Additional aisle space improves product visibility and reduces clutter, leading to a more productive facility.

We stock a number of pallet rack beams of various lengths. Our step pallet rack beams are an excellent option for pushback systems. They are easy to configure and can be engineered to match your warehousing demands, regardless of the volume, weight, and size of your goods. Made from high-quality steel, each beam can support up to 7,215 lbs of inventory.


Another key advantage of push systems is safety. These systems provide easy access to inventory through a single loading and unloading point. This reduces warehouse congestion, minimizing the risk of forklift collisions. The roller system also ensures pallets can be accessed and moved quickly and easily, keeping warehouse workers safe from accidental falls.

Consider our galvanized pallet racks if you require strong, durable racks for cold storage, like food and beverages or pharmaceuticals. They are highly versatile and offer verticality. Their cost-effective design ensures good value for money, particularly with high-volume facilities, like fulfillment centers.

Save Time, Space, and Money with a Pushback Pallet Racking System

At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we stock a wide range of storage equipment, from entire selective rack systems to replacement parts. Our pushback pallet racking systems are manufactured from high-gauge steel, ensuring long-lasting durability.

We are not just an equipment supplier, however. We also provide services to help with warehouse optimization. Our design team uses the latest computer-aided design (CAD) technology to create custom layouts and floor plans. We can recommend a high-density pallet storage system depending on the type of products you store, traffic levels, and mechanical handling equipment.

If you require installation services, our trained crews are available to assemble your equipment safely and correctly. Pallet rack safety should always be a priority, so proper installation is essential.

If you need more information regarding our additional services, call us today at (800) 589-7225.