Pros and Cons of a Cannabis Drying Rack

Wire Rack Shelving

The cannabis industry has experienced dramatic growth in recent years. A total of 35 states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for medical use, 16 of which also allow adults to use it recreationally.

Growing and drying cannabis is a process that needs careful attention and the right warehousing systems. Warehouses are usually adapted to create optimal air circulation, keep humidity low, and maintain an even temperature. This is generally done with warehouse dehumidifiers and fans.

The racking system for drying cannabis also plays an essential part. Whether a business grows cannabis for producing textiles, plastics, ropes, wellness products, or recreational marijuana, high-quality racking systems increase the quantity and quality of the product. When choosing a cannabis drying rack for your business, there are specific pros and cons to consider.

What is a Cannabis Drying Rack?

The production of cannabis involves a series of important phases. After growing and harvesting cannabis, the plants must be dried. The drying process removes moisture from the plant and prevents mold and mildew from developing.

Essentially, cannabis growers use two main methods for drying cannabis. One way consists of hanging the plants upside down, and the other uses a racking system. A drying rack is a storage system that allows you to dry cannabis evenly. In this case, plants and buds are placed horizontally on the shelves for drying.

Businesses with a limited budget usually use hang-drying in dry rooms because it’s a cost-effective option. Large companies that grow cannabis for commercial purposes such as textiles, plastics, or ropes, usually use racking systems since it allows them to maximize the use of space and organize trimmed buds and plants. With drying racks, there’s a much lower chance of contamination or mold than with hang-drying.

Businesses that produce hand-trimmed rather than machine-trimmed cannabis can remove excess moisture from wet trim cannabis faster with drying racks than with traditional hanging methods.

What’s the Best Shelving System for Cannabis

When choosing a new storage system for your cannabis growing business, it’s essential to choose one that maximizes the use of space in your warehouse and increases your yield.

As the FDA regulates many cannabis products, cannabis businesses need to comply with best health and safety practices when drying buds and leaves to protect consumers. Choosing a system that is easy to clean after the plant dries minimizes microbial contamination.

There are two main storage systems available that are excellent for cannabis businesses. The first one is wire shelving, and the other one is mobile shelving. Of the two, wire shelving is the most popular among growers.

Wire Shelving

Wire shelving is an efficient and cost-effective solution for drying and storing cannabis. When installing a wire shelving system for drying, the best option is to use a dual-purpose system that allows you to dry both trimmed plants and buds.

When investing in a wire shelving system, it’s important to consider units suited for handling food. These generally have NSF-certified coatings that are designed to handle temperature changes and prevent microbial growth.

Mobile Shelving Units

Mobile Shelving systems are also an efficient choice for cannabis storage facilities. These units can be manually operated, mechanically assisted, or electrically powered with a small engine.

A mobile shelving unit is designed to contain a large number of trays compactly, helping you store and dry large quantities of buds. The units are easy to move around, so you can easily reorganize your storage space if you need to.

Mobile units can also have shelves with a wire mesh, providing both mobility and breathability. If you would like to find a mobile shelving unit that meets the dimensions and requirements of your warehouse, we can provide you with a customized option that will increase your facility’s efficiency.

Cannabis Drying Mobile Racks

Pros of a Cannabis Drying Rack

Investing in a high-quality drying rack is an excellent idea for businesses that want to increase the profitability and efficiency of their storage and drying facilities. These are some of the main advantages of drying racks:

Provides Enough Space

Drying racks have enough space for large quantities of product, preventing plant buds from touching each other. If plants and buds touch during the drying process, drying can be inhibited, and harmful microbes can damage a large quantity of product.

Helps Air Circulation

The cannabis drying rack also needs to provide enough air circulation and help keep the humidity at a low level. Both of these things ensure that the drying process is quick and effective. A drying process that’s too long can lead to mold and mildew, causing you to lose many plants and buds.

Wire shelving is one of the most popular storage and drying systems for cannabis. Compared with other types of shelving such as steel or rivet, wire shelving has the advantage of allowing the free circulation of air. It also prevents dust from accumulating on shelves, which keeps your product in good condition.

Predictable Yield

As a large grower of cannabis, you want to have a predictable and high-quality yield. The advantage of a well-designed racking system is that it helps create a consistent flow of air around the plants and buds, ensuring that little is lost to damage or contamination. Because of this, the quality and yield is even across your final product.

Increases Your Yield

Finally, a high-quality racking system allows you to maximize the use of horizontal and vertical space inside your grow room and drying facility. At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we have been helping businesses with storage solutions for more than four decades. We can provide a customized drying rack that meets the dimensions and requirements of your facilities. We work closely with clients to understand their needs, and we provide installation so they can quickly benefit from their new storage system.

Cons of Using Cannabis Drying Racks

In general, using drying racks is the most advantageous way for large businesses to dry cannabis. However, drying racks can have certain disadvantages that you should consider. These cons have to do with the quality of the racking system.

Certain wire shelving systems are made with chemical substances and coatings that can affect plants and buds. For this reason, choosing a high-quality drying rack is important because it keeps the plants and buds in good condition and lasts for longer. Stainless steel wire shelving is a great choice because it has no chemicals that can damage the plants.

Stainless steel shelving is also an excellent option in very wet, cold, or humid climates. It is very effective at resisting corrosion and oxidation, so it is the most durable option for a cannabis drying rack that is constantly exposed to the moisture from the plants.

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