Questions to Ask When Considering New or Used Pallet Racking

Buying used pallet racks

If you’re on the market for a pallet racking system for your warehousing or storage facility, there are many factors and elements you need to consider. Some are relatively straightforward, while others may not seem obvious.

Asking yourself the right questions will help you focus on the most important considerations when shopping for new or used pallet racking.

1. What is My Budget?

If you’re considering buying used pallet racks, your budget is probably one of the most significant considerations you need to keep in mind.

If costs and expenses dictate your needs most, high-quality used pallet racks are available for up to 30% less than factory-new equivalents. Although the cost savings may be tempting, keep in mind that the main trade-offs are the lack of warranty and the possibility of getting an older, well-used product that may not necessarily support its claimed load capacity.

In contrast, buying new allows you to order racking systems customized and tailored to the specific needs of your warehouse or storage facility, allowing you to make the most out of your warehouse space and increase efficiency. While new pallet racking has a higher initial investment cost, the durable, reconfigurable design ensures better cost savings long term.

2. When Do I Need it?

If time is a critical factor, buying new is the better solution, especially if you already know the type of pallet racks and configurations you need. Knowing ahead of time what your facility requires and when you need it means less time spent discussing with your provider or searching for suitable used products.

Providers can make time-critical deliveries in a matter of days; some as fast as 48 hours after placing an order.

 Used Pallet Racking

3. What is My Facility’s Distribution Order?

Depending on the type of products you need to store, your facility uses one of the two primary inventory management methods: First-In-First-Out (FIFO) or Last-In-First-Out (LIFO).

FIFO distribution is best suited for high-density storage of perishable products, such as food or medical equipment. If you manage a warehouse using the FIFO method, you may benefit most from pallet flow racks.

LIFO distribution is used mainly by long-term storage facilities, ideal for durable, non-perishable goods. If your facility’s inventory uses the LIFO method, you may need push-back or selective pallet racks, depending on your budget.

4. What Are My Goods’ Specific Storage Needs?

Consider the types and durability of the goods you store. If you need to store goods of varying weights and if visibility is a concern, you may want to outfit your racks with wire decks.

If your facility mainly uses forklifts for material handling, drive-in and drive-thru pallet racks may be the ideal solution. They possess exceptional structural integrity, rated to withstand accidental forklift impacts.

If your stored products are long objects, such as lumber or steel beams, cantilever racks offer a safe and effective storage option. You can also use angled cantilever arms to secure round or oddly-shaped items, such as piping or logs, preventing them from falling and potentially injuring your personnel.

5. What is My Inventory’s Diversity?

A less well-understood issue regarding warehouse inventory management is the diversity in the types of items you need to store. Do the types of products frequently change, or are your storage requirements fixed and predictable?

Regardless of the versatility needed, you need to adapt your warehouse space according to your needs and arrange the types, quantity, and arrangement of your pallet racking systems and other product storage solutions accordingly.

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