The Benefits of Metal Shelving for Warehouses

Metal Shelving for Warehouses

Warehouse space is at a premium. How you manage the storage space will have a direct impact on the long-term success of your business. Metal shelving is one of the most cost-effective, durable, and efficient storage solutions for a warehouse.

Open or Closed

Steel shelving is available in various configurations to suit several different requirements—these range from pallet racks to wire shelving. There are also open and closed designs, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

Open shelving increases product visibility and accessibility, simplifying material handling tasks, allowing order pickers to locate and retrieve inventory more efficiently. It also lets your personnel identify damaged merchandise immediately.

Closed shelving, on the other hand, is only accessible from the front. However, while a closed shelving unit does not offer the same degree of product visibility or accessibility as its open counterpart, it does have two advantages. First, it better protects merchandise. Second, it prevents the accumulation of dust in a way that an open system cannot.

Easy to Assemble

Steel shelving systems often require on-site assembly, but the assembly procedure and instructions are usually simple.

However, there are also shelving systems that do not require assembly. These units are typically welded and offer increased strength in comparison with other systems. They ship to your warehouse ready for immediate use.

Durable Construction

Steel shelves are strong and can withstand a significant amount of abuse. This includes collision with forklifts, automated picker equipment, and other industrial wear and tear. Steel shelving can also endure temperature extremes. However, for increased corrosion resistance, select an appropriate finish to protect against rust or oxidation. This can also increase wear resistance.

Sturdy Design

One of the advantages of steel warehouse shelving is sturdiness. These shelving units can not only sustain heavy loads but also maintain rigidity. If you need to support more weight, you can choose an option featuring cross-bracing. This provides a versatile storage system suitable for both heavy and delicate items.

Versatile Design

Industrial steel shelving is highly customizable, allowing you to install drawer inserts, dividers, and other systems to meet the unique and evolving needs of your warehouse. You can choose the length and height according to the inventory you need to store, the material-handling equipment your order pickers use, and the space limitations of your warehouse.

Heavy Loads

Industrial Steel Shelving

Steel shelving offers heavy-duty storage capacity. If you need to store heavy items or merchandise, such as gears, machine parts, bar stock, castings, or engine blocks, a steel shelving unit can accommodate these loads.

However, it’s important to be aware of your requirements regarding weight prior to ordering a shelving system. Do not exceed the manufacturer’s recommended load for the shelving unit, and instruct your order pickers on correct weight distribution when removing or replacing items.

Improve Warehouse Storage Efficiency With Metal Shelving

Metal shelving systems have several advantages, regardless of the setting. Warehouses, machine shops, and factories can all benefit from metal shelving. At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we specialize in shelving systems. Call us at (800) 589-7225, and we’ll help you determine what kind of shelving system suits your warehousing operation best.