6 Standards That Certify Industrial Shelving Units Quality

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The industrial shelving industry is regulated mainly by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Organization (OSHA) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). These organizations have created a set of standards and certifications that validate the quality of shelving systems.

As part of an overall quality management system, any facility that uses industrial shelving must ensure its equipment complies with regulations. Manufacturers of the equipment should have official certifications, demonstrating the quality of the goods they sell.

Six key standards certify industrial shelving quality. They are divided into two main categories. The first is related to product quality, and the second is for regulating the companies that manufacture or sell them.

ISO 3834 Welding Certification

THE ISO 3834 certification shows that a shelving unit was built using the correct welding process. This tells customers that the build quality meets industry standards and the welded components are of adequate structural integrity. This is extremely important for any business that stocks heavy-duty materials. A shelving unit lacking quality in the welded components may be vulnerable to collapsing, putting staff and products in danger.

A manufacturer or supplier of industrial storage with an ISO 3834 certification verifies that the equipment was manufactured according to the criteria outlined in the documentation. The goods must be manufactured in a standardized process as part of a production line, using automated machinery to qualify for this welding certificate.

The ISO 3834 is divided into three separate categories of accreditation:

  • Full quality requirements: EN ISO 3834-2
  • Normal quality requirements: EN ISO 3834-3
  • Basic quality requirements: EN ISO 3834-4

EN 1090-1 Standard

Any steel structure permanently installed into a building or civil works should have the EN 1090-1 Standard. This standard is a requirement for manufacturers of metal racking systems installed within Europe. While they are not a legal requirement in the U.S., many clients look for this certificate as a mark of quality.

The EN 1090-1 Standard is only awarded to organizations that meet the demanding requirements. To be eligible for an EN 1090-1 CE mark, manufacturers and suppliers must comply with the raw materials used, welding, cutting, forming, and any additional surface treatment. Before a certificate is awarded, applicants may have their processes and materials independently tested, including investigations of the welding process.

Industrial Shelving Units

EN 13501-1 Painting Certification

The EN 13501-1 painting certification is crucial for a warehouse or storage facility’s environmental management strategy. One of the main focuses of this standard is to ensure that no lead is present in the shelving paint. This certification also confirms that the paint doesn’t propagate fire.

Warehouse fires are prevalent in the United States. Shelving systems coated with EN 13501-1 certified paints are resistant to heat and burning. In the event of a fire, this paint can help shelving systems remain stable for longer, improving warehouse safety.

ISO 45001 Certification

This certification doesn’t relate directly to the structures themselves. It confirms that the storage solutions manufacturer or supplier implements best practice policies and procedures for its workers.

Introduced in March 2021, this is the new gold standard for occupational health and safety. The main requirements for this certificate include:

  • Safe and pleasant working conditions in all organization departments
  • Health and safety control measures to counter any potential workplace risks or hazards
  • Health and safety program to reduce accidents and sick leave
  • Strategy for demonstrating compliance to partner organizations and customers

ISO 14001 Certification

The ISO 14001 standard is an environmentally focused certification. Earning this standard allows an industrial shelving provider to demonstrate their commitment to operating in an environmentally conscious way. The framework for ISO 14001 certification is not specific to shelving or storage industries but is designed to be applied to any type of organization.

The criteria for this standard helps industrial shelving providers establish an effective environmental management system. Some of the main focuses are on quality and eliminating contamination in the work environment.

ISO 9001 Standard

The ISO 9001 is one of the most important standards for exhibiting customer-focused quality management principles. Satisfying customer needs is one of the most important aspects of a successful industrial shelving supplier. The ISO 9001 Standard certification is awarded based on seven key quality management principles:

  • Customer focus
  • Leadership
  • Engagement of people
  • Process approach
  • Improvement
  • Evidence-based decision making
  • Relationship management

Understanding the needs of present and future customers helps companies to ensure quality products and services.

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