The Benefits of Mobile Shelving for Parts Storage

Mobile shelving systems

Industrial shelving solutions are by no means one size fits all. Different warehouses hold various forms of inventory and merchandise, and this means that some storage environments will require metal shelving solutions specialized to a business’s needs. Mobile shelving, for example, is a specialized storage solution that is a great asset to businesses who need to store large amounts of parts.

Mobility technology options

Mobile shelving

Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc has worked hard over the years to engineer lower cost ideas for mobile shelving that can grow your storage space and productivity without taking up more space than necessary. Mobile shelving systems are a great way to add to your parts storage. Some options are both manually powered and electrically powered.

Manually operated mobile storage systems are normally used in applications where the stored products are lighter in weight and smaller in dimensions. These are optimized for retail storage, file storage, linen and clothing, food storage, and other miscellaneous storage needs, like space for parts.

Mechanical assist carriages are equipped with a crank on each unit’s accessible end. In the case of most units, rotating the crank clockwise moves a unit to the right, and turning the crank counterclockwise moves the unit to the left. The unit’s movement creates an aisle that provides access to the items stored in that row.

Units that operate electrically, on the other hand, move by the simple push of a button. These units run on small AC or DC motors. Depending on your storage needs, either option may be a good fit for your business’s parts storage.

Advantages of mobile storage

The most significant benefit that a mobile storage system can provide is increased space efficiency. These storage solutions only require one aisle, which moves. This means that more shelving units can be placed in your space and can increase your storage capacity greatly, up to 100%.

When mobile storage systems are introduced into a workspace, productivity will likely increase. This is because items will be easier to locate. Different parts will be easier to find, and therefore, less time will be spent looking for them.

If security is a concern, mobile storage systems are more secure than other forms of storage, especially the ones that are automated with computer access. With these systems, only the operators with proper access codes will have access to the parts they need.

Mobile parts storage

Mobile storage units containing plastic bins and tote boxes can be a straightforward and space-efficient way to store items that may be smaller than other inventory. They are constructed to be durable and are of excellent quality, assuring that they will last a long time.

These products are an efficient use of space and can provide easy access to all kinds of product inventory. Their affordable nature makes them a great storage choice for any size of business, from small to large.

How Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. can help

Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. can be instrumental in helping you achieve the level and caliber of parts storage that your business needs. We can provide integrated solutions specific to your requests, with their inventory of a huge range of both used and new storage equipment to choose from.

We strive to be our customers’ trusted partner for all of their material handling and storage concerns and working to provide mobile parts storage is no different. Please contact us 800-589-7225 or complete our online contact form for assistance with any of your mobile shelving or other storage needs.