4 Ways Vertical Lift Modules Increase Order Fulfillment Performance

Vertical lift modules

When you feel that your warehouse productivity levels could be higher, or new industrial shelving might be the solution to any space or inventory storage problems you may have been having, then vertical lift modules might be a good solution.

Vertical lift modules come in a variety of storage tray width, depth and weight capacities. They can maximize your current warehouse floor space, improve efficiency in picking and fulfillment, reduce labor costs, easily integrate and interface with other systems.

These automated storage systems have many features that allow you to run a more productive warehouse at a decreased risk to your employees. There are a number of ways which vertical lift modules can improve your warehouse’s order fulfillment performance.

1. Recapture wasted floor space

Some vertical lift modules can reduce floor space usage by 90%. This space can be used to increase efficiency if the warehouse feels more open, and it also allows for more clear pathways to safely move merchandise and inventory around.

2. Increase security

One of the leading vertical lift module brands, Modula automatic storage systems, keeps goods safe from theft and damage. The merchandise is stocked inside the storage system and uses an automated system for picking.

The vertical lift module can only be operated through an operator authentication system with traceable passwords both to handle and access the stock.

Knowing that your inventory is safe from both internal and external theft, and misplaced merchandise can improve order fulfillment because you can rest assured that your inventory will always be correct.

3. Save time

The structure of vertical lift modules consists of two columns of trays surrounding an inserter and extractor in the center. This inserter/extractor can automatically locate trays stored in the system and retrieve them from the unit’s front and back at the operator’s push of a button.

The operator can then pick them up at a pick window designed ergonomically to relieve stress and save time that might have been spent bending or reaching to pick an object up.

This design is intended to deliver the stored items to the operator without the need for walking and search time. This means that vertical lift modules can increase productivity by about two-thirds if functioning correctly.

Multiple vertical lift modules can also be used in a round robin picking system to increase efficiency and performance. With the use of multiple vertical lift modules, a picking zone can be created where the operator can direct a second module to pick out another inventory item while waiting for the first one to be retrieved by the first module. This can reduce the wait time of operators as well as increasing the overall performance of the warehouse.

4. Reduce risk

Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc.

The lack of movement on behalf of the operators and the automated nature of the vertical lift modules leads to a decreased amount of risk for the employees in the warehouse.

The ergonomic and automated design of the vertical lift modules allows for increased performance with less worrying about potential injuries and other issues.

They also offer enhanced safety features like shutter doors and curtains.

Final thoughts

In addition to the efficiency improving benefits that vertical lift modules bring to a warehouse, these systems can be customized to fit the needs of your business.

Speaking to an expert from Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. can help you determine what kind of vertical lift modules would work best in your warehouse. Their years of experience guarantee they can help you make the best choice to increase efficiency in your workplace.