Mobile Wire Shelving

Industrial Metal Shelving

A well-designed warehouse or stockroom with safe and convenient shelving units can improve worker productivity, resulting in faster picking times, increased storage capacity, and accurate stock keeping. The wrong type of storage equipment can be a major safety hazard. It also makes products more difficult to find and identify, which can severely hamper the supply chain.

Mobile wire shelving is one of the most popular commercial shelving varieties. It is durable, versatile, and adaptable to a broad range of product types, from food products to medical items. These portable units allow you to make maximum use of floor space. If your facility struggles to meet storage space requirements, consider mobile shelving systems to improve efficiency.

Reasons to Use Wire Shelving in a Warehouse

The type of products you store, warehouse layout, and available commercial space influence the types of shelves you should invest in for your warehouse. At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we stock new and used storage equipment for a number of industries.

Mobile wire shelving is one of the most popular styles of storage solutions due to its adaptability and affordability. Consider the following benefits of high-quality wire shelving if you’re thinking about introducing shelves to create additional storage space.

Durability and large weight capacities

Wire shelving can be extremely durable. It is available in several materials, depending on your storage needs. Stainless steel is a practical material for absorbing contact from machinery or housing bulky goods, like building supplies in industrial environments.

You can also find wire shelving in galvanized steel or special epoxy coating, making it durable in moist environments, like certain medical facilities.

Our 4-shelf mobile metal shelving units are durable storage options for warehouses, fulfillment centers, or healthcare facilities. The shelves and posts are coated in bright zinc plating, offering additional durability and corrosion resistance. These are three-sided units, providing closure for delicate products.

Each of these units supports up to 1,200 lbs. of inventory, evenly distributed across all shelves. The cart moves on four premium casters, two of which have built-in brakes for stability. With adjustable shelves, you can reconfigure the levels in one-inch increments.

Modular nature

Since there is a wide variety of wire shelving options available, you can find mobile shelving units for virtually all types of products. Wire shelving kits are modular by nature, ensuring you can secure custom-built wire rack shelving designed to fit your facility’s specific needs.

There is no industry standard for commercial wire shelving, so explore a variety of sizes and consider the weight capacity before deciding on a shelving rack.

Wire shelving dimensions range significantly. While some are compactly designed, others are capable of holding more heavy-duty goods, like automotive parts. These convenient units can be used in a range of industries, from agricultural supply stores to healthcare industry facilities.

We stock wire shelving mobile kits, allowing you to assemble a wire shelving unit that meets your facility’s needs. These kits provide the framework, affording you the freedom to add accessories or switch the shelving material. These units come with thermoplastic resin caster wheels, two of which have wheel brakes.

Without making any changes, this mobile unit supports up to 1,200 lbs. and is designed for use in dry environments, like warehouses.


Hygiene due to increased airflow

One of the key benefits of mobile wire shelving is hygiene. The structure of wire shelving means gaps and openings facilitate airflow and create a cleaner space. This minimizes dust accumulation, preserving bulk food items and other sensitive products. The electronics and food and beverage industries must avoid the buildup of dust and debris to protect their merchandise.

We provide a range of hygienic shelving options for a food, pharmaceutical, or medical environment. Our epoxy shelves can be added to an existing unit, ensuring sensitive goods are stored safely. Our inventory list includes chrome, gray, black, and green epoxy wire shelving in case you need to color-code your warehouse.

These shelves are NSF approved and assemble in a matter of minutes. They contain an antimicrobial coating, helping prevent contamination within your facility. Epoxy wire shelving units are highly resistant to moisture damage, making them an excellent option for wet storage.

Cold storage

Mobile wire shelving is a perfect option if your facility uses walk-in coolers or cold storage rooms. It can be used to transport goods to and from the cooler room, or it can become a more permanent fixture for longer-term storage. However, it’s important to note that long-term cooler storage shelving must be resistant to corrosion, moisture, and humidity. Opt for epoxy or galvanized steel to ensure the structural integrity of your unit remains intact.

Our cargo carts are built for rough, industrial use, making them a functional solution for transporting goods to and from cooler rooms. These units are covered in electro-zinc plating, which is resistant to rust. The polyurethane casters are bolted to the unit’s base, providing stability for everyday use.

Another key benefit of our cargo carts is that they disassemble easily. Delivery drivers can take them apart and pack them away without occupying valuable space inside the truck.

Small parts storage

When it comes to small parts storage, it’s hard to find a better solution than wire shelving. The shelves can be stacked with color-coordinated bins, ensuring small computer components or mechanical equipment can be accessed quickly. The mobility of the units ensures you can position them wherever they are needed, increasing the visibility of items for your staff.

Our mobile chrome wire shelving is extremely versatile, capable of fulfilling multiple storage roles. IT is easy to assemble, and the shelves adjust in one-inch increments, offering flexibility in storing various items. The cart capacity is 600 lbs. so it is designed for lightweight goods like small storage bins.

These units come with swivel locking casters to secure them safely in place. We also supply angle label holders for shelving, whether you need to provide clearer product tags or add barcodes to your storage equipment. The holders are made from UV-treated PVC, ensuring they can stand up to a warehouse environment’s regular wear and tear.

Optimize Your Workspace With Mobile Wire Shelving

At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we can help you transform your storage facility into a more organized, productive, and efficient space. We provide a wide variety of new and used storage equipment, including shelvings and pallet racking systems. As a leading equipment provider, we pride ourselves on dealing with high-quality materials from reliable brands.

Our experienced team also offers consultation and design services. If you need help choosing a particular type of storage unit or require a total warehouse redesign, we are just a phone call away. Our factory-trained and insured installation crews provide high-quality assembly and installation on-site, ensuring your new system is safe and fully operational.

To view our complete inventory range, browse our online catalog. For more information on our products and services, call us today at (800) 589-7225.