What Are Vertical Lift Modules and What Can They Do for Your Warehouse

Vertical Lift Modules

Vertical lift modules are enclosed vertical storage units made up of a series of vertically stacked trays, with columns on either side.

In between the two enclosed columns sits an additional mechanism that is responsible for the insertion and extraction of all stored inventory.

Vertical lift modules are controlled by an operational unit and are constructed with the intention of the quickest delivery possible of needed inventory.

Part of an automated storage system, vertical lift modules and an understanding of how they work, will make your operations run smoothly and save time.

Vertical Lift Module Accuracy

utomated warehouse systems, such as vertical lift modules, are equipped with an inventory storage accuracy that will make your warehouse more organized.

As product is initially put away, the AWS will measure the height of each individual tray being stored. Once the measurements have been taken, the automated warehouse system in sync with the vertical lift module will determine the best spot in your warehouse for that particular tray to sit. The AWS is also programmed to warn of an overfilled or scarce tray. The idea is to get the perfect amount of product in the ideal location.

Vertical lift modules can store your inventory in the optimal place for your operational needs, as well as keeping it compact as possible to save room.

Perfect for Large and Small Operations

No matter what the size of your warehouse or distribution center, vertical lift modules are perfectly capable of helping you run with speed and efficiency.

There are a variety of tray sizes available that can easily be tailored to you for inventory storage and retrieval. The point of vertical life modules is to enhance your space, and this can be done successfully in a large or small operation.

Increasing room on the floor is a necessity in any warehouse, and vertical lift modules do just that.

Easy Operation

It’s important that automated warehouse systems are easy to operate.Vertical lift modules have a control console that serves as the AWS.

Upon installation, the system will be programmed for you and customized to your requirements.

You can integrate your new automated warehouse system with your existing method, or it can be used by itself.

Vertical Lift Module Options

There is an abundance of accessories available to make your experience pleasant, ranging from laser pointers to multiple pick bays and tray carts for effortless removal.

Increase Output with Vertical Life Modules

Any automated warehouse system can help day-to-day operations move at a faster pace. Instead of requiring employees to spend irreplaceable time searching for a part, your AWS will do it for you.

Combining an automated warehouse system with vertical storage is a definite way to increase your productivity while maximizing your floor

space. Up to two-thirds of time spent in action searching for inventory and parts is drastically reduced by installing an AWS and vertical lift modules.

Your operational overhead will change quickly, and for the better.

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