Shelving Mezzanines and Catwalk Optimization

Shelving Mezzanines and Catwalk Optimization

Utilizing the space in your warehouse properly is imperative to running a successful operation. Shelving mezzanines and catwalks are a fantastic way to correct any space and storage issues that you may have in your warehouse. They move product up, creating more room on the floor for your employees to work efficiently.

The construction of shelving mezzanines and catwalks are a great addition to any warehouse, and they can be optimized to work more efficiently for a smoother operation that not only saves you time but can also save you money.

The Best Layout for Mezzanines and Catwalks

In order to best utilize the installation of shelving mezzanines and catwalks, the ideal warehouse layout is one that has limited floor square footage, but high ceilings. If maximizing floor space is what your warehouse needs, the modular construction of shelving mezzanines and catwalks is a perfect fit.

Large amounts of inventory can be effectively stored in whatever combination works best for your operation. If you have a substantial amount of product and restricted floor space, shelving mezzanines and catwalks will be an instant relief to residual clutter, allowing an organized and safe work environment.

Basics of Shelving Mezzanine and Catwalk Installation

Space is commonly a factor in the decision to install shelving mezzanines and catwalks. They are built up, stacking each shelving unit on top of another. They are easy to construct, reconstruct, and arrange in any way you see fit as your operation evolves and your storage needs change.

Shelving mezzanines are industrial strength, and because they are built on top of one another, they are completely self-supportive.

There are a few options for catwalk installation, with open grating being the most popular as it allows light and air to filter through.

Customize Mezzanines for Current and Future Needs

The purpose behind shelving mezzanines is to clear space on the floor. Although you are able to restructure your installed shelving mezzanines at a later date, it is a good idea to make sure that you plan for inventory amount and weight, as well as what type of expansion could happen in the future.

Instead of extending shelving all the way up, it’s entirely possible to create a second floor or decking to your warehouse.

Create an Office Space Using Mezzanines

For many operations, making more room on the warehouse floor applies not only to clearing inventory but office space as well. Any office located on the ground level is taking up valuable floor space.

You may want to consider using mezzanines for office areas.

Purchasing Shelving Mezzanines and Catwalks

Now that you know the best ways to optimize your shelving mezzanines, and how to make them work for your operational warehouse or distribution center, you should also know how to obtain them.

You may choose to buy shelving mezzanines and catwalks online and have them shipped to you for local installation.

The experts at Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. can help you plan your mezzanine and catwalk expansion. Give us a call today and get started on streamlining your warehouse operations.

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