What is Safety Lock Pallet Racking?

Safety Lock Pallet Racking

In industrial settings, warehouses need to prioritize safety. An unstable or incorrectly-installed rack can lead to a devastating rack collapse, which can destroy valuable inventory and injure warehouse employees.

One of the easiest ways to promote warehouse safety is by installing safety lock pallet racking systems. Learn how racking manufacturers design these racking systems and how they can improve pallet racking safety in your warehouse.

What Are Safety Lock Racks?

Safety lock racks are a subset of high-density pallet racking systems. Like traditional racks, they consist of rack uprights, which support the weight of the inventory, and shelves (also referred to as beams or pallet rack beams), which are attached to the uprights and store inventory.

The primary difference between traditional pallet racks and safety lock racks is how the shelves are secured to the uprights. Traditional pallet rack beams are connected to the uprights using a single racking safety pin or drop pin on each side, which supports the weight of the beams.

With safety lock racks, a layer of protection is added by using safety clips in tandem with beam connector locks. One example of this type of rack beam is Shelving + Rack Supply, Inc.’s Unirak Beams. These beams feature three additional studs for increased holding power and a spring-loaded removable safety clip on each end of the beams.

Benefits of Safety Lock Pallet Racking

Safety lock pallet racking is a simple, low-maintenance way for your warehouse facility to improve rack security and warehouse safety. Some of the main benefits of installing safety lock pallet racking include the following:

Improved Worker Safety

One of the primary benefits of safety lock pallet racking is a reduced risk of injury to warehouse workers. A study by Penn State University found that over 30,000 pallet-related injuries occur annually.

Traditional racking systems can dislodge safety pins due to a forklift collision. Unfortunately, even regular rack inspections cannot prevent beams from becoming separated from the uprights due to the momentum involved.

The additional safety features of safety lock pallet racking make it nearly impossible for a rack’s beams to become dislodged unintentionally. By installing these racks, businesses can improve worker safety and reduce the likelihood of a pallet racking collapse.

Improved Inventory Safety

Depending on the type of inventory your warehouse stores, a rack collapse can result in thousands of dollars of preventable losses. By installing safety lock pallet racking systems, warehouses can protect their inventory from the risk of a collapse. This factor makes these systems popular among warehouses storing highly valuable or fragile items.

Improved Individual Rack Capacity

A pallet rack’s capacity is typically limited, essentially to prevent collapses. Often, the uprights and beams of a traditional pallet racking system can support large loads. The operational capability of the rack is limited by the capacity of its safety pins or connecting devices.

If your business installs safety lock pallet racking, your rack’s functional weight capacity will be much closer to the capacity limit listed by the manufacturer. This improves each rack’s overall storage capacity, which also increases your facility’s overall storage density.

Reduced Storage Cost

Safety lock pallet racks make storing larger loads on each rack safer, effectively increasing your facility’s storage density. This allows your facility to store the same amount of inventory on fewer racks. This can accomplish two possible outcomes.

First, your cost per square foot of storage space will be lower. Since you can store more inventory on fewer racks, safety lock racking can reduce the number of racks you need to purchase and maintain.

It can also improve your overall profitability by creating more space in the warehouse. If each rack can hold more inventory, you can consolidate existing inventory onto smaller racks. This creates extra room for more products and increases profitability.

Safety Lock Racks

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