When To Use Cantilever Racking

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking solutions are popular among clients who need to store long and bulky materials like plywood, steel pipes, steel bar stock, PVC pipes, lumber, and more. If you’ve ever used cantilever racks, you’ll know why they’re also a popular solution for other bulky items like furniture and boats.

Cantilever racking allows you to maximize the floor space in your facility with multilevel storage and stacking as high as your space will allow. It increases the safety of your materials and workers by replacing inefficient floor storage with a solution that provides safer access to materials. It also reduces handling time to stack or retrieve any shape and size item. The system’s versatility and practicality make it one of the fastest growing segments at Shelving+Rack Systems, Inc.

Understanding the Cantilever Kit

Our cantilever kits are shipped with the following main components: the base, uprights, arms, sway braces, and the nuts and bolts that hold them all together.

A heavy-duty base secures the upright columns vertically. Together the base and uprights form the strong backbone of the racking system. Arms are connected to the upright and protrude at a 90⁰ angle to hold your load securely. We fix one end of the arm to the upright beam while the other end is unattached. You can choose between straight arms or arms that taper towards the outer edge and have a lip to stop materials from sliding off the front.

You can adjust the spacing of the arms along the height of the upright beam to create the levels you need for your storage. Adjustments are typically in increments of 1 to 5″, which helps you achieve the exact space height you need.

A system of horizontal and diagonal braces secures the vertical beams without interfering with the loading and unloading area. The braces don’t play a role in holding the load, but they are critical for the stability of the racking as a whole. Always make sure that you follow our guidelines to place and space the braces correctly for the load you intend to store.

A wide range of stock options

Lightweight racking is mainly used for storing items like furniture, PVC piping, and other lighter items. You can add decking to the racks to make storage of oddly shaped items easier. Buy percocet online, which is always safe and secure to consume. This gives you the advantage of having static storage (similar to pallet racking) while still benefitting from open loading areas.

Medium and heavy-duty cantilevers are popular for heavier items like lumber, steel piping, industrial engines, and boats. Again decking will help with items like motorcycles and jet skis that may need a more static platform to accommodate the shape.

The configuration that suits you

When you order cantilever racking from us, we will help you calculate a configuration that suits the size and weight of the stock you intend to store.
A single configuration means that you can only store materials on one side of the system, while a double-sided configuration allows you to store on both sides of the rack. Your choice will depend on the aisle space you are able to make available.

Choosing your racking

There are many different brands, makes, and configurations of cantilever racks. Shelving+Rack Systems, Inc will help you choose the right racking based on the size and capacities you need.

We sell starter units with all the necessary components or add-on units to extend your existing racks. We also have an excellent range of used cantilever racks for sale. We always clean and refurbish used racking to meet the highest safety and quality specifications. Whether new or used, cantilever racking will improve your safety and efficacy in ways that other systems cannot do.

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