Are Used Pallet Racks Safe?

Used Pallet Racks

When you put in an order to modify, expand or upgrade your pallet rack storage, it can sometimes be hard to keep the costs under control. Purchasing reliable pallet racking is crucial, as you need to protect your business by keeping workers and stock safe. Used racking is definitely an option to cut costs, but is it safe to use and what are the factors you need to consider when purchasing used pallet racks for sale online?

At a time when warehouse owners need to maximize storage density, minimize costs and meet tight deadlines, with consumer and client expectations always rising, it’s tempting to save money anywhere possible. When, if ever, is used racking a smart choice and how can it affect your business? These are important questions for any warehouse owner.

Key Elements of Racking Safety

The main safety consideration of your warehouse racking is that it can carry the stated capacity. All new racking should come with a guarantee, that will help with insurance claims if your racking fails. Some used racking doesn’t come with a guarantee at all – that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s faulty, but it might be your responsibility to conduct checks.

It’s also important to find racking that fits any safety needs of your stock, such as suitable decking for sprinkler operation, to allow the flow of water. Furthermore, racking should be sturdy to prevent toppling. Buy tramadol online, Even strong racking can topple, without proper installation, so you should always use professional racking installation companies, whether your racking is new or used.

New vs. Used Racking

It’s hard to say what the right choice is for your business, in any given case, however here are some of the differences in used racking, which might affect its suitability as a safe option for your business.

  • The load-bearing capacity of racking can change if the hardware is damaged in some way, whether it’s as a result of overloading, corrosion or impact. It’s always important to buy used racking in good condition, or it might not meet the listed capacity.
  • Used pallet racking is typically faster to acquire, and significantly cheaper, than new racking. This is because a lot of new racking is custom-made and it will take time to fill the order – with used racking you can normally collect it straight away.
  • Some racking may have superficial damage such as a loss of paintwork. You can always repaint the hardware, but it’s important to recognize if the damage is superficial or it can affect your structure.

Making a Decision About Used Racking

The reality is that used racking can be safe, and a lot of the time it is but you might have an extra burden of responsibility in making sure of it. When purchasing used pallet rack hardware, you should always use a trusted provider who conducts their own checks and can vouch for the integrity of the racking.

Ask for a current photo as well as any documentation about the exact capacity of the racking hardware. Inspect any kind of irregularities, such as cracked or broken welds, denting, bending or corrosion.

If properly maintained, there is no reason used racking should be less effective than new racking – you’ll even have the added bonus that it has undergone a degree of stress testing. In some cases, that might make it even safer than new racking. However, as with all investments, you need to be smart, use a reliable provider and make sure the money saved is worth any extra work you have to do to check the racking is safe.