Why Choose Wire Mesh Partitions Instead of Solid Partitions?

Wire Mesh Partitions

When it comes to partitioning your warehouse space there are a variety of options available on the market. While some facilities prefer the privacy of a solid screen, others can benefit from using wire mesh partitions.

Whether you are establishing a new facility or growing an existing warehouse, wire mesh partitions can help you set up your space so that it is conducive to productivity and efficiency.

Greater Visibility

One reason to choose wire mesh partitions is that they offer greater visibility throughout the workspace. This makes them an excellent addition to improve workflow as workers can make quick inventory checks, and employees can communicate freely between the partitions for collaborative work. You may also need to see what is inside storage cages or storage lockers for security reasons depending on the contents inside.

Better Airflow

Another reason to use woven wire partitions is for better airflow. The indoor temperature of a facility is more easily controlled with welded wire mesh because air can flow rather than being restricted by solid walls.

Wire mesh also improves access for your fire suppression system. Should you need to add a ceiling panel, a solid partition completely encloses the area making it inaccessible for water or fire retardant materials to put out any flames inside. This means you need to install new lighting and fire suppression systems in the ceiling.

With wire mesh partitions, the open weave of the metal gauge allows water to fall through the mesh and extinguish the fire. Regardless of how you configure the mesh panels, you will not need to modify your lighting or fire suppression system.

Cost Efficient

Wire mesh partitions are more cost effective because less material results in a lower cost. If you use mesh partitions you won’t have to change ceiling sprinklers or lighting to accommodate your new storage system which can also save you money.

Improved Safety

Machine guarding is required by OSHA to protect workers from dangerous hazards such as rotating parts, sparks, and flying debris. The operators need to see through these partitions to check the parts or components of the machine and a wire mesh cage prevents workers from accidental injury.

Wire Mesh Machine Guarding Partitions

Practical Uses

Wire partitions are modular and are used for increased safety, security, and organization. Many wire mesh cages are used as a tool crib because you can easily see what is inside but you also have a place for secure storage.

Wire cages are also used for data centers because the technology produces a lot of heat and needs good airflow. Also, a lot of sensitive and private information is usually stored in these data centers so they need to be secure.

Many facilities also benefit from using wire mesh panels around loading docks to prevent accidental falls and limit access to the area to authorized personnel only.

These cages that are made with wire mesh panels sometimes have sliding doors which allow for easy access. The cages are usually connected by flat stiffeners so they are incredibly sturdy and strong.

In Sum

Wire mesh partitions have many advantages over solid partitions. If you are seeking organization, security, airflow, efficiency, and cost savings, then wire mesh partitions are a great storage solution. They provide excellent circulation of light and air while offering an unobstructed view of whatever is stored inside.

You can rest assured that your purchase will give you the organization and security you need for your warehouse, fulfillment center, construction site or office space. Call Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. at (800)-589-7225 to discuss your options and to request a quote.