8 Mezzanine Platform Applications

A mezzanine storage platform is a fantastic way to maximize the storage capacity of your warehouse, distribution centre or manufacturing plant.

Simply put, a mezzanine storage platform adds a second level to your existing space. Stairs lead from the ground floor to the mezzanine level where you have extra square footage that can be used in a variety of ways. Depending upon your existing space using a mezzanine storage platform can double or even triple the storage area of your warehouse.

Here are eight applications for mezzanine platforms.

1. Bulk storage

Mezzanine storage platforms are an excellent solution for storing bulky or odd-sized items in their own dedicated space. Instead of trying to fit these products into shelving or racks that may not be suitably sized the goods can be safely stored and stacked on an upper mezzanine floor. Not only does this free up rack space in the warehouse but it also means the bulky goods are safely stored and can more easily be retrieved.

Mezzanine storage platforms are purpose-built for bulk storage.

2. Elevated offices

Free up floor space in your warehouse by moving the office space to a mezzanine level. The space on the floor of the warehouse can then be used for storage, plant or equipment and you will have a dedicated space in the middle of your operations to conduct meetings, make phone calls and do paperwork and emails. In addition to offices, the mezzanine platform could also be the location for a break room, a conference room or a locker room for you and your employees.

3. Sorter platforms

Move your sorting and conveyor systems to a mezzanine level. A conveyor platform can be specially designed to support sorting equipment meaning your floor is freed up for storage or other uses.

Elevated offices

4. Storing infrequently accessed items

Keep slow moving products or infrequently accessed items out of the way and free up storage on the warehouse floor for goods that have a high turnover. Storing items in this way will increase the efficiency of your warehouse operations because popular items will be readily accessible.

5. Parts storage

Store parts above your production equipment or shop floor giving you more room to move or to have more equipment. The parts on the mezzanine storage platform will be out of the way but still easily accessible to your employees.

6. Storage of pallets

A mezzanine storage platform can be designed to hold pallets. This is particularly useful where you want to maximize space for production equipment because you can keep materials off the floor.

7. Equipment storage and support

The mezzanine storage platform can be set up to support equipment or machines such as air compressors or fan decks. Larger scale machinery can also go on a mezzanine platform provided weight limitations are not exceeded.

8. Retail or showroom space

If you sell products out of a warehouse style location and are running out of retail space, a mezzanine storage platform may be the solution. It would allow you to significantly increase your floor space and get more products in front of customers. A mezzanine level could also function well as a showroom space to showcase products.