9 Popular Uses for Metal Shelving in the Workplace

system of address storage of products, materials and goods in a warehouse. blue plastic barrels for storage of chemical liquids and products. Modern warehouse and storage systems.

There are several reasons why metal shelving in the workplace remains a popular option. Not only can it accommodate workplace storage needs, but metal shelving is also durable, affordable and a versatile option. Some of the more popular uses for metal shelving in the workplace include:

1.Storing Heavy Items

Unlike plastic shelving or some of the other materials available, metal shelving units can hold more weight. This means you can create more space in a warehouse or storeroom because you can stack items higher, using less square footage. Pallet racking is standard for large warehouses or commercial businesses.

2.Business Document Storage

Metal shelving is ideal for storing documents. Many companies fill banker’s boxes with years of back data, which are then routinely stored on wire shelving. Using metal shelving means businesses don’t need to worry about the shelving collapsing overtime, and it allows people to find and access relevant documentation easily.  

3.Temperature Controlled/Cold Storage

Wire shelving is used in many industries because it can withstand a range of temperatures. It is ideal as a server rack in an IT department or a refrigeration unit at a grocery store or restaurant. Because of its flow-through ventilation, metal shelving allows for less condensation build up and keeps items cold.

4.Food Storage in An Industrial Kitchen

Enter any commercial kitchen, and you’ll see wire shelving in use. By allowing more air to flow between the shelves, food can remain fresh for longer. Industrial and commercial kitchens often stock large inventories of frozen or fresh food that they need to access quickly. Wire shelving provides the best solution for this.

5.Retail Shelving

In addition to the weight and ventilation benefits of metal shelving, it also provides a cleaner look when used in a retail setting. It’s standard in a retail setting because of its visual merchandising.  

6.Safely House Industrial Chemicals

Movable Metal Shelving Units

In many industrial settings, highly corrosive products are in use for a variety of applications. The last thing you want is the integrity of your shelving unit to fail and for dangerous chemicals to create a hazardous situation. Metal shelving can easily and safely store the drums. Metal shelving also enables you to see the labels clearly, so you know what the contents are and that they meet all required storage and shipping regulations.    

7. Bins and Parts Storage

If you run a repair shop, you need versatile storage solutions. With metal shelving you have high visibility, but you can also add bin systems to keep track of smaller parts easily.

8. Backroom Organization

One of the most common uses for metal shelving is its general use. Its versatility, durability, and visibility make it a common choice for organization in a storeroom. Heavy document boxes or parts can be stored in one area while supplies and daily business items can find a home on the other shelves.

9. Hotel Laundry Rooms

Metal shelving is ideal for storing extra linens and laundry cleaning supplies.  The shelves can even be mounted over the washers and dryers to create more space.

Final Thoughts

Metal shelving offers storage solutions for a variety of industries. Metal shelving is designed to distribute weight evenly across the shelves so they can hold large loads and resist bowing.   Some metal shelving is designed to be height-adjustable to accommodate oversize items or make room for inserting additional shelves. Wire shelving can expand your storage possibilities and allows you to customize your storage space based on your needs.   Contact us today and let us help you determine the most efficient and effective systems to improve the overall productivity of your warehouse, distribution or commercial operation.