Cannabis Drying Rack: What’s the Best for Buds?


Curing cannabis is a precise and time-consuming process that has a tremendous impact on the final product. After spending months caring for the plant, getting the drying and curing processes right is important. Doing so ensures the cannabis buds hit the appropriate weight and potency without any contamination.

As one of the most crucial stages in the production of cannabis, it’s important to handle buds with care and make sure you’re properly drying and curing the plant. Although there are several schools of thought regarding the most effective drying methods, it’s undeniable that you need quality equipment to support the process.

The environment and utensils involved in drying marijuana directly influence the quality, potency, and shelf life of the yield, which ultimately determines the value of your product. If you’re producing cannabis for dispensaries or other marijuana-based products, purchase quality drying racks from a reliable source to ensure product quality and consistency.

At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we supply a variety of new and used racks for drying marijuana, helping you complete your state-of-the-art drying facility.

Importance of Drying Marijuana

Before selecting drying racks, it’s essential to understand the importance of drying marijuana and why specific equipment works best for your product. Cannabis buds must be dried and cured for various reasons, but the primary purpose is to preserve the product’s potency, effectiveness, and condition.

Preventing Mold

After spending months preventing mold from building on your buds throughout the vegetative and flowering cycles, it’s crucial to stop it from setting in as you dry the buds.

Mold and yeast-related fungus can contaminate the crop, ruining the entire yield if you don’t notice it in time—the climate within your drying room and the trays you use help control potential exposure to microorganisms. Cannabis drying racks and trays reduce the amount of water present within the plant.

However, you must purchase the right racks to ensure the flower dries at a consistent rate. If you quickly dry the plant, you run the risk of certain cannabinoids and terpenes evaporating. Drying slowly provides more favorable conditions for mold to grow.

Although some producers elect to dry their herbs faster at the expense of some terpenes, choosing the right wire racks from Shelving + Rack Systems Inc. can help you create an optimum drying environment to produce a high-quality product without sacrificing key terpenes.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Preservation

Terpenes are responsible for the unique aroma you get from your plant. They have different boiling points than cannabinoids and tend to evaporate if the cannabis plants dry too quickly. To avoid this, dry buds at a slow but steady rate. Adequately drying your buds ensures your consumers get all the clean and positive effects of the flower.

Increasing Potency and Aroma

One of the most important reasons to perfect the drying process of your cannabis plant is to maintain its high potency and aroma. After the harvesting stage of the process, the internal production of cannabinoids stops, so resins no longer form, and potency begins to decrease. Drying slows down these effects, ensuring your product retains its potency for longer. Dry cannabis is also more pleasant for consumption.

Main Drying Processes

There are two primary ways to dry weed properly: hang drying or using drying racks.

Hang Drying

Hang drying is a popular option for smaller quantities of cannabis. This can be a fast method for drying your crop and helps the plant retain its aroma for longer. Some curators use dry nets or herb dryers to speed up the process further, at the risk of creating a diminished product.

However, hanging is not always the best approach. It requires a lot of space, and you’ll need a dedicated area for the plant to hang day and night until the drying phase is complete. Due to the strong smell and potency of the plants, you won’t be able to use the room for any other purpose.

This method also increases the risk of mold development.

Drying Rack

When producing cannabis for commercial purposes, it’s important to be space-efficient. Utilizing every square inch of your facility ensures you can produce a greater quantity of your product. Drying racks are excellent options for allowing your weed to dry at a controlled rate while using available space efficiently.

Drying has become a precise procedure, with equipment playing an important role. Professional growers are now predominantly using medical or food-grade racks and trays for drying their crop, inhibiting the growth of potentially harmful microorganisms and producing the highest quality product they can.

Cannabis Drying Racks

Types of Cannabis Drying Racks

At Shelving + Racks Systems, Inc., we supply drying racks built from materials capable of withstanding the harsh conditions of a drying room. As humidity levels often hit the 65% mark, racks must be moisture, rust, and corrosion-resistant. Our cannabis drying racks are available in several sizes, styles, and materials, including food-safe stainless steel and shelves coated for rust resistance.

Wire Shelving

Wire shelving is perhaps the best cannabis drying option due to its open design, functionality, and durability.

We provide wire shelving and several add-ons and customization options to ensure you can construct the perfect cannabis drying rack for your space. Our 4-shelf consumer-grade wire shelving enables air circulation and prevents significant dust buildup through its open wire mesh design. Each shelf has a 300 lb. weight capacity, ensuring it can support large quantities of flowers.

To minimize the risk of contamination and produce a potent, aromatic, and high-quality product, consider installing our National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) approved chrome or epoxy wire shelves. Both materials are extremely durable and suitable for dry storage.

Our epoxy shelving is designed for use in wet environments, like a cannabis drying room. It is manufactured with an antimicrobial coating, helping keep your herb free from contamination. The posts are made from 16-gauge carbon steel and can be adjusted in 1” increments. This shelving is easy to assemble and install if you need to reconfigure your drying room at any stage.

To improve organization and keep your product safe from falling, we also supply 4” high ledges and 6” dividers.

Mobile Shelving

Transporting your product from the grow tents to the curing and drying area can be tricky, especially when you’re trying to keep your plants sanitary and organized. We stock a variety of mobile shelving units to meet the specific needs of your facility.

Our quality wire shelving is available as mobile carts, containing 4 shelves, 4 posts, and enclosure panels. Each unit is fitted with 2-5” casters and 2-5” braking casters for smooth mobility. Opt for a 3-sided cart for added security, which can prevent stock from being lost during transit.

Our tray shelf trucks come with 5 to 18-gauge steel tray shelves. They feature small lips to help keep items in place, and support loads up to 1,000 lbs. While this type of racking may be unsuitable for drying or long-term storage, it is a useful option for transporting your product or storing equipment.

Boltless Shelving,

Boltless shelving is a popular option for cannabis curing due to its quality, durability, space efficiency, and ease of assembly and installation. Our R3000, 39” wide shelving units give you the option of high-density storage and cannabis drying with its galvanized steel shelf option.

This unit is available in open and closed options and can be configured in several different ways. No nuts, bolts, or clips are required for assembly so you’ll have no problems setting up this type of system, even in a tight space.

Choose Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. for Your Cannabis Drying Racking Needs

If you need a reliable storage and rack supplier to provide quality equipment to your cannabis-producing business, choose Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. We stock a selection of excellent drying racks and a wide variety of new and used storage options for all other aspects of your business. From equipment storage racks to administrative shelving units, we can meet your needs.

Our experienced team can offer advice and guidance on choosing the right equipment for your business and budget. We can also help you design and layout your facility to create a highly productive and efficient work environment.

To discuss your options in more detail or for advice from one of our team members, get in touch with Shelving + Rack Systems Inc. today. Browse our online catalog for our complete list of inventory.