Why Every Business Can Benefit From Used Pallet Racks

High-Density Pallet Storage System

Whether you’re upgrading your current storage system, expanding your warehouse, or introducing temporary storage to your facility, warehouse equipment is a significant investment. New pallet racks cost a lot of money and hugely impact warehouse operations, storage space, and inventory management.

It’s crucial to find the right pallet racking system to fit the needs and strategy of your warehouse facility.

Before investing in used pallet racks, do a thorough inspection to ensure they are in good condition. It’s essential to establish that structural integrity and load capacity aren’t compromised by wear and tear. Ask your supplier about the product’s history, whether it was damaged in the past, and if it still retains its manufacturer’s warranty.

Once you’ve found pallet racks that are capable of fulfilling your storage and retrieval needs, you can reap the rewards of a quality system. Here are four ways every business can benefit from used pallet racks.

Cost Savings

While new pallet racks are sturdy, dependable, safe, and come with a warranty, the initial investment is often cost-prohibitive for small businesses. Used pallet racks cost a fraction of the price of new systems. Pallet racking is built to last so that you can find reliable second-hand pallet racks manufactured from high-quality materials.

Always buy used warehouse equipment from a reputable supplier, like Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., to maximize the chances of a successful long-term investment.

We provide a selection of used options, including popular varieties of cantilever racks. Our all-welded cantilevers are sturdy and durable, making them ideal for storing long and bulky materials, such as furniture, bar stock, or tubing. Each storage level has a weight capacity of 1,500 lbs., offering versatility for what and how much you can store.

Used cantilever pallet racking from Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. is a cost-effective and practical way to improve efficiency, productivity, and storage density in your warehouse.

Durability and Longevity

Our used pallet rack systems are mostly built using strong materials and high-quality steel, making them robust, durable, and long-lasting. Heavy-duty racking is low maintenance, ensuring repairs and maintenance costs can be kept at a minimum.

At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we regularly inspect our used pallets and their components to guarantee they meet industry safety standards. All components are checked thoroughly from the pallet rack beams to the locking systems, ensuring safety and functionality.

used pallet racking for sale

Wide Variety of Choice

Although there is no shortage of new pallet racks manufactured, the used warehouse equipment market is thriving. Pallet racks have a significant resale value, so when organizations upgrade their systems, they tend to sell their used equipment to a shelving retailer or another company.

The availability of second-hand racks gives businesses a wide variety of choices. At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we stock an expansive range of used equipment, including:

  • Boltless Racks
  • Cantilever racking
  • Carton flow racks
  • Drive-in/Drive-thru racks
  • Mobile racking
  • Push back pallet racking
  • Roll out racks
  • Structural racking

Environmentally Friendly

Pallet racks can be recycled, refurbished, rebuilt, and modified to decrease waste and costs. Purchasing used racking is environmentally friendly because it extends the life cycle of the equipment. By reducing waste and lowering the demand for the resources needed for producing new racks, businesses can shrink their carbon footprint.

Many modern businesses have sustainability goals and environmental objectives. A simple policy of investing in used pallet racks is a cost-effective strategy for reaching these targets.

Find High-Quality Pallet Racks For Your Warehouse

Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. is not just an equipment provider. We are a comprehensive racking system provider that helps businesses with all aspects of their storage needs, from system design and layout to material handling plans.

We work alongside companies from all industries to assist them in determining the most efficient storage systems for improving the overall productivity of their warehouse or commercial facility.

Our turnkey services ensure you can get all necessary assistance from the same provider, including assembly and installation. Our team of factory-trained and insured professionals can do it all.

For advice and guidance on buying used pallet racks for your business, contact Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. today. Browse our online catalog to view our full range of used equipment.