High-Density Rack and Shelving: A Perfect Solution for Your Increasing Storage Needs


As storage needs continue to increase, high-density racks and shelving provide the perfect solution. By using high-density storage methods, warehouses and other storage spaces can significantly improve their capacity without expanding their footprint.

Many high-density storage systems, such as pallet rack systems and mobile shelving, are available. Both of these solutions offer a high degree of flexibility and can be adapted to fit a wide range of storage needs.

When choosing a high-density storage solution, you must consider the type of materials you need to store and the space available. With the right storage solution, businesses can maximize their storage capacity and improve workflow efficiency.

The Benefits of High-Density Rack and Shelving Solutions

There are many benefits to using high-density racks and shelving, such as increased storage capacity, improved workflow efficiency, and high cost-effectiveness.

High-density storage solutions can increase the capacity of a warehouse or storage space without increasing the footprint. This is because high-density racks and shelves are designed to store more material in a smaller area.

Additionally, high-density storage solutions can improve the efficiency of a business by reducing the amount of time needed to find and retrieve items. Your business can save time and improve overall productivity with a high-density storage solution.

High-density storage solutions are often less expensive than traditional storage methods. High-density racks and shelves use the existing space more efficiently than lower-density systems, allowing you to make the most out of your available floor space. You can even reuse and reconfigure them to reduce costs even more.

Different Types of High-Density Storage Solutions

Multiple static and mobile storage solutions can improve your storage needs and optimize your existing space. Here are some of the best high-density systems and why you should consider using them.

High-Density Pallet Racking Systems

At Shelving + Racking Systems, Inc., we carry a range of new and used high-density racking systems to meet your budget and storage needs.

  • Double-deep pallet racking: One of the most straightforward solutions to optimize your pallet storage capabilities is to upgrade to double-deep pallet racking systems. This solution doubles your storage capacity, allowing you to store two pallets per aisle space instead of just one.
  • Pallet flow racking: The pallet flow rack (also called gravity flow) is a First-In, First-Out (FIFO) high-volume storage system where pallets are loaded from the back, then slide toward the front end, where they can be later retrieved. This rack type is ideal for optimizing your facility’s throughput efficiency.
  • Push-back racking: This high-density pallet storage solution works according to the Last-In, First Out (LIFO) method. With push-back racking, a forklift operator can use the same bay for loading and unloading pallets, pushing the last loaded pallet back to insert a new one.
  • Mobile pallet racking: This storage solution may be the best choice if you operate a cold storage facility. A mobile pallet racking system is essentially an automated high-density storage solution for palletized goods, increasing safety and reducing the risk of accidents.


High-Density Shelving Systems

These shelving systems are designed to store large quantities of heavy materials. While their primary function is bearing a lot of weight, there are multiple types of high-density shelving systems you can consider.

  • Static shelving systems: Although efficient pallet storage systems can do a lot for your facility, not all items you need to store can be crated or palletized. Using static shelving units efficiently helps your facility improve its versatility and store items of all times.
  • Heavy-duty shelving: Depending on your industry, you may need to store heavy or high-density non-palletized items (e.g., engines, heavy iron and steel parts, etc.). Heavy-duty shelving systems are ideal because they have the weight capacity to support these objects.
  • High-density mobile systems: A mobile shelving unit is effectively a shelf on wheels. Many feature closable cage-like doors, allowing your personnel to safely and quickly move whole shelving units. High-density mobile shelving units reduce the need to carry individual objects and can significantly optimize your inventory organization.

Considerations for Choosing the Right Solution

The type of materials you need to store significantly impacts the kind of high-density storage solution that best suits your needs. For example, pallet rack systems are best suited for storing large quantities of material on pallets. In contrast, mobile shelving is the better solution for smaller items in bins, boxes, or loose.

The amount of floor space available will also play a role in the type of high-density storage solution that you can choose. For instance, the maximum depth of a push-back racking system is limited by the overall size of your storage area.

The same principle applies to mobile shelving units; even mobile systems need sufficient storage space to fit in your facility and avoid obstructing personnel (e.g., forklift operators).

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