Many Benefits of Security Cages and Wire Partitions

wire mesh partition

Keeping everything organized in your warehouse or factory requires significant creativity, especially if you have high-value items vulnerable to theft or damage. The best storage options for your facility will seldom be as simple as basic shelves in a giant open floor plan.

Since walls can impede employees’ and supervisors’ essential tasks, managers should balance the need for security with the need for visibility. Security cages and wire mesh partition systems are popular options because they accommodate all your work environment needs.

Although solid partitions are sometimes necessary for separating hazardous materials, most warehouses and distribution centers find that wire-mesh secure storage offers more benefits.

Overall Security

Some facilities struggle with theft and misuse of equipment, especially if they have many small tools on hand. Tool cribs, pharmaceutical storage areas, and other areas with high-value items should use sliding doors with locking options for a quick and easy added layer of security.

Storage areas can lock with key cards, manual keys, or passcodes. Key cards are ideal because they can create a log of who accessed the storage area at what time. However, some facilities may only have a few managers or supervisors who need frequent access, making passcodes more practical.

Improved Visibility and Communication

Facilities with many staff may struggle to keep track of everyone’s whereabouts at one time. Security cages and wire mesh partitions make it easier to see staff members’ location while maintaining separation between areas. Although walls with large windows also accomplish this purpose, windows muffle sound and make it harder for staff to communicate with each other.

Wire partitions also make it easy to see the status and contents of pallet racks and other shelving from a distance. This can simplify the work of any managers or supervisors monitoring storage and retrieval.

Sprinkler Accessibility

Many local fire codes and OSHA fire hazard regulations require sprinklers to access every part of your facility’s storage. Although the exact requirements vary, any kind of enclosed space or solid roof inside your facility can block water from getting to the source of a fire. Security cages keep items where they need to be without cutting off vital protections provided by fire suppression systems.

Some fire safety regulations require fully solid enclosures or cabinets for parts of warehouses that store chemicals. However, this is only needed in a minimal number of cases and only for specific areas of your facility. You can still use wire partitions for data centers, storage lockers, and other areas that need secure enclosures with ample ventilation.

Security Cages and Wire Mesh Partitions

Machine Safety

Wire partitions work well to separate workers and visitors from moving machinery. Although many machines come with machine guarding of their own, this guarding is often insufficient, especially for facilities with many staff moving around.

Factory and warehouse managers may need to build industrial wire safety barriers around large and small machines alike. Wire gives you significant flexibility in the size and shape of the barrier without compromising on strength.

Low Cost

Building an entire separate room for something inside your facility requires a significant capital investment, especially if you have to rewire lights and security systems to fit it in. Wire partitions and storage cages are much more cost-effective, especially if you might eventually rework your facility’s layout.

Wire partitions also require less specialized labor to set up. Instead of multiple days to build an additional room inside your facility, you can have wire partitions set up in a matter of hours. The resulting drop in labor costs is an enormous benefit, especially for smaller warehouses with less profit margin for absorbing one-time costs.

Get Customized Cages and Partitions

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