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Industrial strength conveyor belts are one of the best ways to streamline your warehouse and effectively mobilize your stock, equipment, and materials. Since conveyor belts are such an essential element in the warehouse, you cannot afford to get rid of them when changing things up on the work floor. At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we offer a solution. We can provide your warehouse with conveyor belt storage racks so you can save your conveyor belts while you optimize your business space.

Rack rolls for conveyor materials

The standard conveyor rack allows for your conveyor material to be rolled up and stored away securely and safely above the floor. Rack rolls are good for all materials you may be using for your conveyor belt, whether it be PVC or rubber conveyor belt material.

Racks are designed to be versatile and adaptable to your warehouse environment. They feature a modular extension to fit your exact storage situation. Racks can be deployed free-standing or planted against walls. None of your material will touch the ground, ensuring that the integrity of your conveyor belt will remain intact and ready for its next use.

Proper conveyor material storage

By their nature, conveyor belt storage materials cannot be stored like regular equipment. They cannot be placed on decks, which can cause the conveyor belt to develop camber when placed on a track for use. Camber causes an uneven surface on the material, which can create bumps and cause the product to bounce and possibly become damaged in transit.

The bars on a conveyor belt storage rack allow for the material to retain its natural shape and smooth flat surface, so that when the belt is reinstalled your product can be transported safely.

Keeping your rolls of conveyor belt material off the ground is also an important step to avoid warping and disfiguration. Belts stored directly on the ground are at risk of absorbing moisture and other particulates that can damage the material.

Conveyor material should be stored in temperature appropriate locations within the warehouse. It is always smart to avoid placing your belts in places that feature extreme temperatures. Heat and cold can warp the track causing problems and potential for objects being transported on the belt to become damaged.

Storing extra belts

Conveyor belt storage racks also offer an excellent insurance policy if there is a conveyor belt failure for any reason in the warehouse. With a stocked conveyor belt storage rack, you can have a replacement belt ready to go quickly. This can help protect your schedule and bottom line from any unforeseen delays that can occur on the work floor.

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