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Bin Tote Boxes

Plastic Bins and Tote Boxes are an economical and efficient way to meet the inventory control and storage needs of most enterprises.

Hanging and stacking plastic storage plastic bins are a straightforward and space-efficient method of storing small to large-sized items. Their open hopper front design provides optimal access to stored products for users, even when stacked.

Plastic tote boxes are an affordable, reusable storage solution for inventory and supplies. With their excellent quality and durable construction, they are an ideal for storage, work-in-process, transport, transfer and shipping applications.

Using Plastic Bins for Storage

Bin boxes keep inventory organized and sorted. When parts and product are organized and easy to find, the efficiency of time and labor is improved.

They can be stacked on shelves or hang on rails, racks or louvered panels decreasing wasted storage space and making access to your inventory easier.

Plastic bin boxes are very durable and come in a variety of sizes and colors for efficiency and ease of organization. They require no construction, are simple to stack- they lock together and are easily accessible for small items.

Make your bins work for you by adding dividers, lids and a wide range of labeling options!

Advantages of Using Bin Boxes

Bin boxes come in a variety of dimensions to meet the needs of different products, businesses, and storage spaces. They are exceptionally well suited for smaller items and items that are frequently accessed.

This open style of bin storage is faster and easier to use than systems involving drawers and allows the users to access the exact number of items they require quickly. This method increases the efficiency of inventory access and selection and decreases the labor required in searching for the smaller items.

Tote Box Storage for Business and Industry

Plastic tote boxes also come in a variety of sizes and styles to meet diverse business needs. They can be used without lids, separate lids or attached lids, stackable, and allow for vertical storage of inventory. They come in a range of colors, making them easier to organize. For enhanced efficiency and organization, they can also be labeled with a description of the contents.

Their solid durability and quality of construction protect the contents of the tote box. These boxes can withstand a great deal of wear and tear and will last for years.

Tote boxes can also be used to store parts, equipment, supplies, and much more.

Using Tote and Bin Boxes to Optimize Business Operations

Both bin boxes and tote boxes are used in a wide range of commercial and industrial enterprises. These include manufacturing facilities, warehouses, hospitals and pharmacies, auto parts and convenience stores, and retail businesses, among many others.

Plastic Bins and tote boxes are convenient, time and space efficient, and allow easy access to all types of product inventory. They are a highly affordable solution to the storage challenges faced by most commercial enterprises.

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