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Driver Cages

Driver entrance cages are for applications used to control access at the entrance of a warehouse or factory. They keep truck drivers, delivery personnel and anyone else set apart in one place when entering the warehouse or making a delivery; they cannot gain entrance to the building unless you let them in, unless of course if they have a key to the door.

A driver entrance cage functions by preventing people from accessing areas of a warehouse or manufacturing plant. It adds security and prevents people from getting injured or lost.

Uses for Driver Entrance Security Cages

Delivery people, other non-employees and Truck Drivers who want to enter your facility can be a safety and insurance risk. People who are not authorized to visit your facility may unwittingly walk into active fork truck traffic areas or into areas where machines are operating. Driver access cages protect your visitors, suppliers and other personnel- as well as your company.

Whether a visitor to your building is looking for someone to sign a ticket or maybe looking for a restroom, it’s not safe or wise to have them wandering around your business floor. If you don’t restrict your building’s access, it can potentially be a big risk for accidents in your facility, especially if the visitors (wanted or unwanted) are not employees that have been trained. Help keep honest people honest with a Driver Entrance Cage. These will provide a physical barrier by separating outside personnel from your potentially hazardous operations and inventory.

Driver entrance cages are a simple,cost-effective solution to protect warehouse workers, merchandise, and expensive equipment.

The most frenetic activity occurs around shipping and handling where insufficient time is spent monitoring guests or other visitors entering the warehouse. Driver entrance cages serve as secure waiting stations for drivers and other visitors until they can be identified and properly admitted.

Not only do driver entrance cages serve as secure access points to warehouses, but driver entrance cages can also serve as an emergency exit or employee entrance when built with a full-width push bar. Furthermore, these cages prevent theft, enclose work areas, and create secure space in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers. They also function as stock rooms and storage areas.

Driver Entrance Cage Varieties

These high-quality security cages can be configured as asingle straight wall or 2, 3, or 4 walled design to fit your particular needs.
Doors can be hinged or sliding.

Other options include slide up service windows, mobile benches and ceilings.

Our Doors can be fitted with just about any lock type you need- standard key locks, push bars, door knobs, thumb turn knobs, ADA compliant lever handles, mag locks, electric strikes, keypads, Biometric Finger Reader & Keypad, push handles, coded card readers, alarm locks, Five-Button Coded Access Lock too name a few.

Benefits of Driver Entrance Cages

Driver entrance cages protect visitors and employees from heavy machinery. They limit access to unauthorized areas. They secure inventory, storage, and equipment. When installed in receiving and high-traffic shipping areas, the driver entrance cages prevent accidents and keep employees or other personnel from entering into forklift aisles or from coming into contact with dangerous moving machinery.

Safety heavy duty guard railing around the perimeter of the cage can provide some added protection.

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