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Mobile Work Benches


Industrial workbenches are essential equipment for a range of business applications. They provide staff with stable, durable, and safe areas to work. Warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities use various bench types for packaging goods, assembling products, or completing repairs and maintenance.

However, when space is limited, it can be difficult for businesses to identify suitable locations for this equipment. Static industrial equipment is typically heavy and bulky, making it hard to move or reconfigure. Mobile workbenches offer flexibility to a workplace, allowing your workers to set up their stations wherever needed.

Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. is a leading warehouse and storage equipment provider. We stock a wide range of high-quality mobile benches in various designs. Many of our mobile benches are built from heavy-duty materials, ensuring they can stand up to everyday use for decades.

Types of Mobile Workbenches

Most mobile benches are designed for use in industrial environments and are built with channel steel, a stainless steel top, and an all-steel frame. They also contain industrial-grade wheels so they can glide smoothly over a warehouse concrete floor.

We stock a variety of rolling benches from leading brands across a range of prices. Our extensive selection includes modular options, providing a flexible solution for facilities requiring multipurpose equipment. Some of our most popular mobile workbenches include:

Heavy Duty Mobile Workbenches

Mobile workbenches are often used for industrial projects, like product manufacturing or repairs. They must be capable of withstanding impacts and pressure from machinery and tools. Some benches contain built-in storage space or cabinets, keeping important equipment within arm’s reach.

Consider our all-welded heavy-duty workbenches if you need a strong, durable bench with heavy weight load capacity. Choose between a free-standing solution or a fully mobile unit with a 5,000-lb. weight capacity. The 2-foot angled table legs are built with 7-gauge gussets for added stability.

These units roll on four durable industrial-grade wheels (two rigid and two swivel). They are equipped with a floor lock, allowing you to secure the bench when you’re working on a task. The lower storage shelf is made from 12-gauge steel, providing a stable surface to hold equipment or components.


Modular Mobile Workbenches

If you require custom solutions, consider our fully modular bench from Tennsco. Modular units allow you to mix and match components to meet the specific requirements of your facility. Our modular options can be used for lab benches, art tables, product assembly units, and packaging stations.

These units are available on single or multiple pedestals. You can also choose between a steel or hardwood top. If you need additional storage, these workbenches have various options, including drawers, bin boxes, sliding door cabinets, and electronic riser shelves.

Mobile Cabinet Workbenches

Cabinet workbenches are designed to carry tools and equipment around the facility. They are an excellent option for mobile maintenance stations since you can take all necessary maintenance tools directly to the problem. A heavy-duty mobile cabinet typically boasts a high load capacity and a durable work surface.

Our Pollard mobile maintenance bench features an all-welded frame, making it a perfect option for industrial use in warehouses and manufacturing plants. It is available in multiple top materials, including steel, hardwood, and ⅜-inch plate. The reinforced cabinet doors have T-handle locks, providing additional security for your inventory. The extra heavy-duty units can support up to 3,200 lbs.

Create High-Quality Work Stations From Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc.

Mobile workbenches are versatile additions to any workspace. They allow you to easily navigate busy environments and solve a range of repairs, maintenance, and unexpected issues as they occur.

They are dual-duty appliances that double as storage units. Consider one of our high-quality workbenches if your facility needs a space-efficient solution for product assembly, packaging, or repairs.

We also offer ancillary warehousing services, helping you plan and design your space. Our factory-trained installations are available to assemble and integrate your equipment safely and correctly. To view our complete inventory, browse our online catalog.

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