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Alternating Tread Stairways

Alternating Tread Stairways may be a great addition to your workspace. They save space. with only half a tread; they do have a shorter span, yet they are still comfortable to use. Alternating Tread Stairways are uniquely built with exact precision. Another common name for this type of stairway is ship ladder.


Alternating Tread Stairways come in several varieties. Most are made of welded carbon steel and have sturdy handrails to increase safety. They typically have angles of about 50° to 70°, and heights can range from about 30 inches and up. Depending on the individual alternating tread stairway and what it will be used for, it can be manufactured from carbon steel, aluminum or stainless steel to maximize strength and the amount of weight.

How Alternating Tread Stairways Work

On a conventional stairway, your feet usually use about half a tread. However, you must step up and over one tread to get up or down onto the next step. Steeper stairs are more dangerous, and more caution is needed because the angle increases making it easier to misstep and get injured. Alternating Tread Stairways, however, maximize safety and minimize floor space.

Alternating tread stairways differ in that half of each tread is taken off, but at the same time, the next stair is in a straight and direct line as opposed to a steep step.

Alternating tread stairways are approved for mezzanine use. If you’re looking for a new stairway for your workplace that will minimize the space used while maintaining comfort, an Alternating tread stairway may be an excellent option for you.

Benefits of Alternating Tread Stairways

With Alternating Tread Stairways, hard to reach spaces and sharp descents are more easily accessible. These stairways are designed to be used forward facing, which makes it easier to walk up and down, even while carrying tolls boxes or other items. Industrial Alternating Tread Stairways come with handrails that promote safety for you and your colleagues.

If you are trying to save space and don’t want to have huge stairways congesting your workspace, alternating tread stairways are a great option.

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