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Strong Hold Tool Carts


At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we’re proud to partner with Strong Hold, the market leader in heavy-duty mobile tool cart solutions for mobile storage. Discover our complete range of Strong Hold service and tool carts and learn how they can help you improve your storage capabilities.

Characteristics of Strong Hold Service and Tool Carts

The typical Strong Hold tool cart on casters is built using a high-strength 12-gauge steel body, 12-gauge steel shelf, and 7-gauge steel tops, making them suitable for the toughest tasks.

Each Strong Hold tool cart features four high-strength rigid polyurethane casters, each mounted on a wide swivel with brakes, capable of supporting a fully-loaded cart and shelf top, giving you the peace of mind that it will carry everything you need.

Whether you’re moving a lighter-weight 400 lb. load or larger items with a total weight of up to 2,000 lbs., Strong Hold has a robust cart that can meet your needs. The tool carts help you keep equipment organized and use side and back guards to prevent tools and parts from falling during transportation.

All Strong Hold mobile cart models come with a durable push-bar carrying handle, making it easy to move in and out of any space.

Staff can use an adjustable shelf to store tools and equipment at contrasting heights, while different width drawers are ideal for storing items with a variable number of inches wide and inches deep. There is a drawer dimension size that can meet almost every smaller item storage and transportation need.

Many tool carts keep valuables safe using a standard 3-point locking system. Doors are lockable with a standard padlock for added security, protecting your tools when staff is not on the premises.

Due to the spacious cabinets, the ideal maintenance schedule should use a Strong Hold cart to carry all the essential items for keeping your machinery in operational condition. The tool carts feature a rugged design and worktop with side space to provide plenty of room for carrying out a range of routine and specialized tasks.

Strong Hold Tool Carts


Applications for Strong Hold Tool Carts

Your Strong Hold heavy-duty tool cart can fulfill many purposes in the most demanding workplace environments. Whether you need a general-purpose industrial tool cart, an automotive tool and maintenance cart for garages and workshops, or engineering maintenance workstations on wheels, there is a Strong Hold tool cart or service cart for you.

If you’re looking for a mobile mechanics cart or a mobile automotive tool storage system, look for multi-compartment Strong Hold carts. These models feature a 12-gauge steel body, 7-gauge steel top, and multiple internal drawers and shelves, making it an excellent toolbox on wheels.

Many models come with a padlock hasp and lockable compartments compatible with lockbars and standard padlocks, allowing you to secure the contents of your mobile tool cart easily. Some models even feature two locking compartments with separate locks, offering you the best combination of security and organization.

Strong Hold also offers heavy-duty service cart models, suitable for multiple applications and industries, from food service to light material handling. Each features a stainless steel push handle, two or three 12-gauge shelves, and lockable swivel casters. Specific models are compatible with adjustable shelves, further increasing their versatility.

Order the Best Mobile Tool Carts Today

The typical Strong Hold tool cart is suitable for a multiple-purpose maintenance cart. Strong Hold carries a product type that can fulfill your mobile storage needs, no matter your industry or sector.

To discuss how a Strong Hold cart can help your business or any other Strong Hold product questions, call the Shelving+Rack Systems, Inc. sales team at (800) 589-7225.

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