Machine Robot Guards

The safety of your employees and the preservation of your valuable equipment are your top priorities. We’re committed to offering a diversified assortment of products designed to safeguard your crew and your machinery.

With the proper machinery guards in place, workers willbe protected from severe workplace injuries that are preventable, while still allowing access to the equipment as you need.Additionally, machinery can be protected from careless accidents that cause lost production time and revenue.

Machinery safety guards offer equipment solutions for protecting personnel and costly equipment. We have diversified equipment solutions for manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers. These forklift barriers and guardrails prevent accidents and provide safety solutions for the professionals in your business.

Prevent costly downtime, whether from production standstills due to equipment breakdown and failure or from employee injury, with these machinery guard solutions that conform to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.

Wirecrafters’ RapidGuard Wire HD Wire Mesh Screening
These modular machine guarding systems are adaptable for any size or shape equipment. These barriers are a durable and economical approach to plant safetyand protect personnel from hazardousautomatedequipment.

The Robotics Industry Association is constantly creating new regulations to keep your personnel safe from variou types of machinery and robots. We work with the RIA very closely to ensure that our systems meet or exceed all of the requirements.

The Wirecrafters’ RapidGuard system is versatile, allowing integration of gates, access doors, system controls, and more. The extremely resilient, fully-framed wire mesh partition also doubles as a safety net containing equipment in the case of malfunctions. As an additional perk, it resists dents, thereby reducing your maintenance costs.

These safety systems stay on guard 24/7. The woven or welded wire panels are bolted to posts forming a protective barrier around automated equipment.

Guard Rails
Our guard rails create barriers between your expensive machinery and personnel or forklift traffic areas in your plant. These guard rails are an excellent solution for safeguarding machinery at risk for forklift impacts as they can withstand a four mile per hour collision from a 10,000-pound load.

These guard rails are easily installed and can be expanded or relocated as needed. They are a heavy-duty construction for long-term reliability.

Bollards keep personnel, equipment, and buildings safe from vehicle or forklift accidents with visual and physical cues. These sturdy, vertical posts safeguard dangerous areas, add protection to your facility, and prevent damage. Bollards are used in a variety of traffic-sensitive areas including machinery production, around doorways, in-plant protection, parking lots, and more.

Industrial Handrailing
Our steel tubing handrail system is very easy to install, it does not require welding, self-tapping screws or on-site cutting.
This handrail is generally found in shipping areas to keep dock areas safe and for walkways to separate fork trucks from employees that are walking through areas that are active with fork trucks and production.

This handrail system is easily adaptable to use on a mezzanine; we have as an option a 4-inch-high kickplate that meets OSHA standards. Additionally, we have several types of gates that are available- hinged, sliding or double hinged to provide access to the mezzanine with material and equipment.

RackBackSafety Panel System
Improve warehouse safety by protecting your workers from falling items with pallet rack safety rackback panels. The system bolts directly to pallet rack uprights, creating a sturdy steel wire mesh barrier between your stored items and the ground and most importantly the people below.

These safety panels create a criticalbarricade between your stock and everything else below, protecting both your inventory and your employees from damage or accidents.

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