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Safety Netting

Safety nets are available in different sizes, colors and mesh patterns. The webbed pattern may not look like much of a barrier, but they can be the difference between a serious accident and one that can be easily rectified.

Pallet Rack Mounted Safety Nets

Companies use rack-mounted safety nets for storage rack safety. Pallet rack mounted nets can help prevent materials that can fall off or slide off the racking system.

There are several different types of mounting systems, mount the nets directly to the racking or onto a frame system.

Depending on the size of the products on your racks, you can adjust the net’s location. For example, if the load extends over the edge of your pallets, you can install the nets a few inches back with the proper mounting system.

Post Mounted Safety Nets

Post mounted safety nets offer similar features to wall mounted safety nets. Post mounted safety nets are anchored to the floor by a mounting system.

Post mounted is a visual and physical barrier, to control traffic and people.

Elevating Rack Guard Systems

Elevating rack guard or ERG systems protect the openings to racks. They have pull-cord, one-person operation features to permit access by whomever when needed.

You can configure the pull-cord for left- or right-handed access. This system comes with universal mounting that quickly attached to your pallet racks.

You can even configure the net to open from the top or the bottom of the rack bay.

Construction and Components

For ERGs, the nets use high tenacity polypropylene knotless netting, including a sewn rope border. The system uses aluminum crossbars for easy lifting.

Purchasing Safety Nets

When purchasing a safety net, the buyer should take into consideration it’s intended use. They should also get exact measurements of where the net will be installed. There are many different sizes available to handle just about any application you may have.

Safety nets are some of the safest and most cost-effective barriers available.

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