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Industrial Workbench

Industrial workbenches are excellent additions to almost any workplace environment such as hospitals, factories and laboratories, and many more. They are versatile, are made of materials suitable for many tasks, and are built to last a long time, giving a superb return on investment. There are so many options it can be challenging to know where to start.

Workbenches come into contact with a wide variety of substances and weights. Our workbenches are made of reinforced steel to withstand the pressure of heat, corrosive liquids, and prolonged use. Able to resist many dents and scratches, these benches are built to last.

All-Welded Benches

Made of 12-gauge steel welded construction, these extra heavy duty benches will withstand heavy use. They come fully-assembled for convenience, as shipped unassembled benches can be heavy and difficult to construct.

Available in an open-base model for easy access to materials and tools, or with pallet rack shelving system units for storage, they are practical for many uses. They are ideal for many work areas and can be fitted with a range of optional accessories.

  • Heights
    We can supply fixed height workbenches and also adjustable height workbenches to suit your needs. If your work moves from location to location, we can provide mobile benches with polyurethane casters that allow easy maneuverability without marking the floors.
  • Mobility
    If consistency is key, then our static models could be the right choice. Static models can support weights up to 10,000lbs, and our mobile workbenches can hold 5,000lbs. Pre Punched floor mounting pads ensure the workbenches are both secure and your floors are protected. As the steel workbench is easy to move, it can fit into convenient storage space when not in use.
  • Surface
    Our all-welded models also come with a choice of a ¼” premium hardboard finish work surface over the reinforced steel top, or a 7-gauge (0.180 inches) reinforced heavy-duty steel top with rounded comfort edges to reduce the risk of workplace accidents.Sharp edges are a danger to both the colleagues and visitors, so it’s essential to look after their well-being. If preferred we also supply a butcher block style finish. Plastic laminate can add a further layer of protection.

Choosing a Ergonomic WorkBench

Ultimately, which ergonomic workbench is right for you will depend on several variables. If you work with chemicals or corrosive substances, then a bench with a reinforced steel finish is suitable. If it needs to support heavy industrial equipment, then a static version may be your best choice, while one with casters will be ideal for the mobile employee.

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