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Industrial Workbench


Industrial workbenches are heavy-duty pieces of warehouse equipment designed for a range of tasks, like warehouse packing, product assembly, appliance testing, and repairs and maintenance. While they are available in several materials and designs, industrial work tables typically have a smooth tabletop surface and sturdy legs. Some come with storage space or metal shelving for holding tools and materials.

A workbench can be a valuable addition to a warehouse, manufacturing plant, or distribution center. Many are built from durable materials, like stainless steel, ensuring they can sustain heavy loads and resist damage from hazardous materials and chemicals.

Industrial-grade benches can also improve workplace safety, providing employees with a stable surface for using heavy machinery and tools.

Why You Might Need a Heavy-Duty Workbench

Well-constructed workbenches are incredibly versatile and can be used for various applications, from component repair jobs to laboratory testing. Industrial workbenches are primarily used for:

  • Carrying tools and equipment
  • Workstations
  • Testing equipment
  • Product assembly
  • Packaging
  • Laboratory experiments

Types of Industrial Workbenches

At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we stock a wide range of heavy-duty industrial workbenches. Most of our equipment can support up to 700 lbs. load capacity, ensuring they can be used for multiple industrial applications. Some of our most popular benches include:

Hydraulic Motorized Workbenches

Hydraulic workbenches allow you to adjust the height of your workstation using a motor-driven system. Rather than winding a manual crank, you can simply push a button until the bench reaches your desired height. Mechanized workbenches can reduce the risk of back and neck injuries due to repeated stress or poor posture.

Our hydraulic flat top lift table is available in plastic, maple, or steel. The plastic finish is an excellent option for optimizing lab space. It is moisture-resistant and lightweight, ensuring it can be moved and used for a variety of projects.

The maple top is durable and sturdy if you’re looking for woodworking workbenches. It can support a bench vise tool and sustain significant wear and tear from everyday use. The heavy-gauge steel finish makes it a viable lab or cleanroom workbench.

The adjustable leg option allows you to fully retract or extend the top in 23 seconds. Adjustable heights ensure you can safely switch to a comfortable position without straining. A 120V motor system powers it, so it is ready to go once you plug it in.

Modular Workbenches

Modular workbenches can be configured for specific applications. Most varieties feature adjustable table tops, storage space, and locking glides, allowing you to create a convenient worktop. Distribution facilities and manufacturing plants often combine multiple modular workbenches, creating an assembly line structure for packing or assembling goods.

These benches are highly customizable. Adjustable heights and an ergonomic design allow workers to sit, stand, or operate machinery, depending on the task. Modular industrial work tables can be easily configured as different types of workbenches, such as:

  • Standard workbenches
  • Metalworking workbenches
  • Packaging workbenches
  • Custom lab workbenches
  • Mobile workbenches
  • Cabinet style workbenches

Our modular workbenches are available with maple, plastic, or anti-static tops. They are an excellent option for research and development, electronic, and manufacturing industries. Each custom workbench has ergonomic storage, boasting 125 lbs. load capacity per drawer.

The extra availability of space and heavy-duty leveling glides ensure you can store a range of items, from tools to documents. The cabinet workbench comes with drawers that feature full-height sides, accommodating hanging files.


Packaging Workbenches

Packaging workbenches are carefully designed for fast and efficient packaging and product assembly tasks. These units feature creative storage solutions for holding packaging materials, like bubble wrap, paper, tape, envelopes, boxes, labels, and other tools—many of these tables double as modular cabinet workbenches since they are usually equipped with drawers.

We stock a variety of custom solutions that can be used as packaging benches. Consider our Built-Rite packing bench if you’re looking for a complete option with an array of features and modular accessories.

This unit features an enamel finish in beige, black, gray or red. The plastic SE laminate tops are available in white, almond, black, or gray. The bench has multiple storage cubbies, shelves, and accessories for hanging materials. If you’d prefer to add customization options, you can purchase a basic table with drawers.

Mobile Workbenches

Some workbenches are equipped with casters for mobility. Others have removable casters, making them versatile options for static or mobile tasks. Portable workbenches are mainly used for unplanned duties or maintenance. They allow you to transport tools, machinery, and equipment efficiently.

Our mobile units are manufactured from all-welded, heavy-gauge steel. The bench tops are available in multiple options, including:

  • Standard 12-gauge steel
  • Large 12-gauge steel
  • Flush mount maple
  • Laminate maple
  • Flush mount hard top
  • Extra HD plate top

They roll on heavy-duty polyurethane casters. Each bench features three heavy-duty drawers, each supporting 100 lbs. of weight. There is also an interior shelf located behind a reinforced door with a locking T-handle. This unit is an excellent garage workbench, keeping your equipment within reach.

Electronic Workbenches

Electronic workbenches are designed mainly for repair stations, product assembly units, or appliance manufacturing. They require a power source so workers can operate machinery and test equipment. While some electronic benches have adjustable work surfaces, most are static and suitable for seated workers.

We stock a variety of electronic workbenches, ensuring you can find one to suit your specific needs. One of our most comprehensive options is the Roosevelt high-capacity bench. It has a 1,600 lbs. weight capacity and comes with a 25-year unconditional warranty.

The Roosevelt is an adjustable-height bench, sitting on heavy-duty, 13-gauge steel legs. It has a Lisstat™ electrostatic discharge (ESD) top, keeping workers safe if they are repairing or building electronics. The grounding wire and aluminum sheeting provide excellent conductivity for increased safety.

Create Safe and Efficient Work Spaces With Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc.

A quality industrial workbench can enhance worker productivity. It provides a fully operational and well-equipped space to complete a wide range of tasks. You can find workbenches designed specifically for your industry to streamline your facility’s workflow and boost productivity.

Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. is an ideal equipment partner for warehouses, distribution facilities, manufacturing plants, and other commercial premises. We provide high-quality new and used equipment from industry-leading brands. Our comprehensive inventory list includes a broad selection of industrial workbenches.

We also provide various ancillary services, including planning, design, and installation. Our team can help you build your perfect workspace through strategic planning and specialized equipment.

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