Increase Efficiencies with Modular Workbenches

Workbenches are a staple of any manufacturing facility, and one way to maximize the benefits is to upgrade to a modular workbench. With endless configurations, you can design the most suitable workspace for your business, increasing efficiency, staff comfort, and overall profitability.

Before choosing your next workbench, you may want to consider the many benefits of a modular workbench.

Flexible Customization

One of the most significant benefits of using a modular workbench is that you can choose the most suitable shape for each task, not just the shape of your workspace. Move a module beside an employee to give them an extra workspace, or take it away so they can walk quickly to consult with nearby colleagues.

Adjust the shape to suit your office or warehouse workspace, encourage collaboration using a U-shape, or choose a linear production line style design.

Ergonomic Design

Modular workbenches come with an adjustable height feature, allowing employees to work in the most comfortable position. If your staff use tools and prefer to stand, they can raise the bench or lower it down if they are sitting for an extended period. You can also equip a modular workbench with a footrest to reduce the risk of workplace muscle strains or pain.

Add equipment hooks, electrical power points, pallet shelves, drawers, and cabinets that keep all the essential tools within easy reach, so your staff does not have to stretch or bend when at work. Having designated hooks for equipment and accessible drawers also help keep the work surface uncluttered.

Improve Staff Satisfaction

There is no need to have a rigid structure when you are using modular workbenches. You can allow staff the freedom to organize their workspace to their preferences, helping them to feel more comfortable. When employees are happy and feel they have autonomy in their workspace, they are also likely to be more productive, which positively benefits overall company morale.

Maximize Workspace

Floor space is always at a premium in a warehouse environment, but you can make use of every square each by utilizing modular workbenches. Smaller areas that may not be suitable for a standard-sized desk could accommodate a module. You could add more sections in different configurations to build the bench out into more unoccupied areas.

You can create workflows, so each person who works on a task is beside the employee who takes over the next step of that job. You can even use Point-of-Use gravity-fed welding benches that deliver packages or items directly to an employee at their workbench. By helping increase the efficient use of space, modular workbenches boost profitability, and reduce wasteful employee journeys.

Modular Workbenches

Final Thoughts

A modular workbench can significantly increase staff comfort, reduce the risk of workplace injuries, and increase your business efficiency. To find out how a module workbench can help your business, contact the Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc sales team at (800) 589-7225.