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Modular Work Benches


In industrial environments, like manufacturing plants and distribution centers, staff must have safe and functional equipment to work effectively. Modular workbenches are designed to optimize a workspace. They provide warehouse or manufacturing facilities with designated equipment to complete various tasks, from product packaging to machine repairs.

What is a Modular Workbench?

A modular workbench is designed similarly to a standard bench. It features an adjustable top, steel leveling legs, and storage space. However, unlike traditional workbench designs, modular units are built with several adjustable features, allowing you to reconfigure and accessorize according to the needs of your business.

Many modular benches are intended for industrial use. They are built from heavy-duty steel, providing corrosion resistance. Durable benches can withstand heavy loads, with many boasting a weight capacity of over 700 lbs. Certain modular benches contain ESD grounding materials, mitigating the risk of electrocution when workers operate machinery.

Types of Modular Workbenches

Modular workbenches are available in an array of designs and materials. At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we stock a variety of high-quality commercial benches. We accommodate a range of budgets, whether you need a basic workbench or a specialized cleanroom workbench.

Mobile Workbenches

Some modular bench varieties are designed for mobility. They are equipped with swivel casters, allowing you to take advantage of space and move your bench to different shop spaces or work zones. This additional workbench flexibility makes mobile units perfect for maintenance and repair tasks in a warehouse or manufacturing plant.

We stock an extensive range of mobile commercial workbenches. They come with fixed or swivel polypropylene casters so you can move equipment or relocate quickly and easily. One of our most popular mobile options is the Tennsco modular bench.

The base bench consists of a metal frame and sturdy bottom. However, the rest of this mobile workbench is modular. Choose from a range of pedestals, accessories, and storage options. The worktop is available in hardwood or steel. Other optional add-ons include:

  • Electronic risers
  • Side and back rail kit
  • Drawers
  • Side opening bin box
  • Electronic or standard handles

Heavy-Duty Industrial Workbenches

Heavy-duty workbenches are designed for industrial environments. The frame and base workbench parts are typically welded from heavy-gauge steel, providing long-lasting durability. They usually facilitate surface height adjustability to adapt to multiple tasks.

Our Parent modular workbench is highly versatile and is a popular solution for woodworking, electronics, and metalwork facilities. It is also a perfect project outfeed table or router table for a home wood shop.

This complete workbench features an ergonomic design. It has multiple bench drawers with a 125-lb. weight capacity per drawer. Each unit also has heavy-duty glides, keeping the bench level on uneven surfaces. You can choose between three bench tops, ensuring a safe surface for whatever you’re working on.

The maple work surface offers plenty of space for product assembly or woodwork. The durable plastic top is moisture resistant and easy to keep clean. The ESD top helps prevent electrocutions and shocks if you’re working with electronics.


Cabinet Workbenches

A cabinet workbench provides ample space to store tools or equipment, like drills, screws, or documents. These units can be configured to your specifications, ensuring you can create the perfect bench tool storage system for your needs.

Many of our modular benches come with built-in cabinets and shelving. One of our most popular adjustable work surfaces is the Tennsco electronic workbench. The standard model has a locking drawer cabinet with four individual sections. Steel legs give it stability regardless of the bench location.

Choose between three surface options: solid hardwood, high-pressure laminate, or heavy-gauge steel. The bench is equipped with multiple power outlets for plugging in machinery and equipment.

Workbench Accessories

At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we also provide modular accessories to help you create a custom workbench. We stock an extensive materials list with high-quality accessories for all types of work states, from a standard adjustable height workbench to a fully modular portable work table.

Some of the quality accessory equipment we offer:

  • Shelving
  • Keyboard holders
  • Ergonomic foot pans
  • Accessory uprights
  • Light fixtures
  • Drawers
  • Wiring kits
  • ESD ground kits

Improve Efficiency and Productivity with Modular Workbenches

Modular workbenches are an excellent investment for fast-paced industrial environments with dedicated repairs, maintenance, manufacturing, or packaging zones. Their rugged build ensures they can withstand wear and tear and rigorous use. The modular design allows you to configure them to the needs of your workers.

Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. is a leading supplier of new and used storage equipment. We stock a wide selection of modular workbench options, in various materials, across a range of budgets. You can find multiple benches with the necessary load capacity and space to complete tasks efficiently.

We also offer planning, design, and consultation services, helping you fully optimize your workspace. If you need help integrating your new equipment, our factory-trained installation teams are available to assemble and install all workbenches, pallet racking, and shelving systems.

Browse our online catalog to explore our complete list of modular workbenches. If you require further assistance choosing suitable units for your facility, call us at (800) 589-7225.

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