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Stronghold Heavy Duty Cabinets

At Shelving + Rack Systems, one of our top priorities is making sure you feel safe as well as organized. That’s why we work with Strong-Hold, a company that makes some of the most robust cabinets available today. Strong Hold is regarded as the foremost manufacturer of heavy duty industrial storage products.

With their highest quality heavy-duty, 12-gauge metal and their perfectly cut and beveled edges, these cabinets are durable, easy to use and arrive ready to go. Strong Hold has been making great products since 1993, and their commitment to quality is evident. They work tirelessly to make sure each worker has the tools they need right at their fingertips.

From dangerous chemicals to an employee’s spare boots, these high-quality cabinets are the clear choice for any company that wants to make sure the chaos of a hard day is under control.

Product Features

Strong Hold products are built to give you strong, dependable industrial storagesolutions with heavy-duty, 12-gauge steel that is precision-cut with CNC lasers, formed, welded,steam-cleaned and finished.

StrongHold Cabinets ship ready to use and completely assembled. Simply unbox them and put them in place and get to work! No need to for you to waste your time making on-site modifications, installing or assembling.

All of our cabinets feature a 3-point locking system. The doors are secured top, bottom and middle, you can add a standard or Bluetooth® enabled padlock to any of our handles for added security.

Thinner gauge choices typically will need to be replaced and just can’t stand up to the industrial environments like our Strong Hold cabinets. Strong Hold stands behind their products with a 99-year warranty!

With multiple color choices we have, one can quickly judge which cabinet tools and parts are stored via simple color coding, therebyeliminating the need to searchthrough identical cabinets to retrieve what you are looking for.

Strong Hold Heavy Duty Cabinet Options

The needs of each shop, office, warehouse or any other space are unique, and your team requires products that safely hold and organize every little detail of their tools and resources.

Strong Hold has great designs that help you take care of everyone on your team. For example, your maintenance team will greatly appreciate the Janitorial Storage Cabinet which includes a tall, open space on one side and smaller compartments on the other to make sure each broom and brush has its place.

If they clean with any caustic substances that require careful handling, the Ventilated Industrial Storage cabinet is an excellent choice. The mesh doors allow air to circulate in and out of the cabinet, and the shelvescan hold over 1,000 pounds.

Another great option is the Clear View Storage Cabinet that allows you to see what’s inside at all times thanks to its transparent, glass doors. The 14-gauge storage shelves and racks can be adjusted to fit whatever items need to be stored, and each one can hold up to 1,650 pounds.

If you are working with finer, smaller parts, the All Bin Cabinet is a wonderful option. This unique cabinet has small bins from top to bottom, and even the inside of the doors are lined with small storage units. This choice is perfect for anyone working with electronics or parts that require a lot of organization andprotection as they go through their day. The outside of the unit is a heavy-duty, 12-gauge metal frame so you can feel confident that everything inside is secure and protected.

For workers who need access to the web as well as great tools, the Industrial Computer Cabinet is an excellent option. This cabinet combines a standing desk with a solid organizational system just below the space for a laptop. Your computer can be locked up inside or easily removed as needed. The cabinet is of the same heavy-duty strength as all Strong Hold’s products, so you can feel comfortable wheeling your new system into the most intense environments.

The Strong Hold double-shiftcabinet features two separate compartments, each compartment can be secured individually. Our single-shift cabinet has one compartment that is secured with our 3-point lockingsystem.

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