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Strong Hold Heavy Duty Cabinets


At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., one of our top priorities is making sure you feel safe and organized. That’s why we work with Strong Hold, a company that makes some of the most robust styles of cabinets available today for industrial environments. Strong Hold is regarded as the foremost manufacturer of heavy-duty industrial storage products.

Strong Hold has been making great products since 1993, and its commitment to quality is evident. The company designs different styles of cabinets, so applications for Strong Hold cabinets include storage of dangerous chemicals, including flammable liquids, heavy items, or even an employee’s PPE.

Strong Hold cabinets

Product Details

Strong Hold’s wide range of products are all built to give you strong, dependable industrial cabinet storage solutions. They’re made from heavy duty, 12-gauge steel that is precision-cut with CNC lasers, formed, welded, steam-cleaned, and finished.

These durable, safe, high-quality cabinets are shipped ready to use and are completely assembled. Simply unbox them, put them in place, and get to work. There is no need for you to waste your time making on-site modifications, installing, or assembling.

All of our cabinets feature a 3-point locking system. The heavy-duty storage cabinet doors are secured top, bottom, and middle. You can add a standard or Bluetooth® enabled padlock to any of our handles for added security.

The type of cabinet your company needs likely varies. Basic storage cabinets, such as light gauge steel cabinets, may be suitable for lighter-duty storage. However, you need heavy-gauge robust cabinets with all-steel construction for heavy duty applications, such as those offered by Strong Hold.

Most industrial environments need a selection of the heaviest cabinets possible, like the Strong Hold cabinets. Strong Hold stands behind its products with a 99-year warranty.
With multiple color choices available, employees can quickly determine which cabinet tools and parts are stored using simple color coding, eliminating the need to search through identical cabinets to retrieve what they are looking for.

More on Shelving and Drawers

Strong Hold shelving meets the uncompromising standards followed for all the brand’s storage cabinets. The company provides all-steel galvanized shelves with their products.

Complement your heavy-duty storage with a set of 14-gauge steel drawers, a combination drawer, and various types of storage compartments. High-strength models employ 8-gauge hinges with secure brass hinge pins. These heavy-duty leaf hinges help meet any material handling concerns you may have.

Other Heavy Duty Cabinet Options


The needs of each shop, office, warehouse or any other space are unique, and your team requires products that safely hold and organize every little detail of their tools and resources. Outfit your facility with our selection of the most versatile, heavy-duty industrial cabinet solutions to get the most out of your available floor space.

For example, your maintenance team will significantly appreciate the Janitorial Storage Cabinet, which includes a tall, open space on one side and smaller compartments on the other side to ensure each broom and brush has its place. These cabinets are available in eight colors to organize your janitorial tools and equipment.

If your facility needs specialized storage solutions for storing caustic or flammable products, these Flammable Safety Storage Cabinets are an excellent choice. They feature bunged air vents on either side of the cabinet, allowing for proper air circulation.
The recessed lockable paddle latch and 3 point locking system compatible with standard padlocks make this cabinet ideal for storing hazardous chemical products and flammable liquids.

For facilities requiring storage cabinets with see-through or windowed doors, the best solution is the Clearview Storage Cabinet. These models feature shelving with robust 14-gauge construction, perforated steel doors, and a high-strength powder-coated gray finish. Each Clearview storage cabinet is 78” tall. Models are available in 48” or 60” width and 24” or 30” depth.

If you need a quality storage solution for holding a wide range of light and medium-sized items, such as small parts and tools, our Heavy-Duty All-Welded Bin Cabinets may be what you need.

These unique cabinets feature an extra-heavy, 14-gauge all-steel welded construction for lifetime durability. Depending on the model selected, your bin cabinets may hold between 102 and 227 bins, available in red, yellow, or blue. The total weight capacity of this cabinet is 650 lbs., allowing you to store an extensive array of SKUs with ease.

Many facilities require computer cabinets for computing or web access on industrial floors. These cabinets must provide resistance to impact, protecting the sensitive computing equipment it carries. If this description matches one of your needs, consider ordering a set of Industrial Computer Cabinets.

The Industrial Computer Cabinet can fit one desktop computer plus monitor and peripherals, protecting it from damage with its heavy-duty, all-welded steel construction. It also features up to 4 integrated fans to keep your computer running safely and without overheating. Options include a mobile supply cart and 13 color choices.

Shop Strong Hold and Other Industrial Cabinets

Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. offers a wide selection of high-strength products to meet your industrial storage cabinet needs. We stock cabinets and storage solutions made by the most trusted manufacturers.

Browse our wide selection and let our team help you find the best storage solutions for your facility’s needs and requirements. For more information, contact us online or call us at (800) 589-7225.

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