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The Tray™ Issue #38 – Warehouse Storage with Heavy-Duty Stronghold Brand Cabinets

The Tray™ Issue #38 – Warehouse Storage with Heavy-Duty Stronghold Brand Cabinets

Warehouse Storage With Stronghold Cabinets

Warehouse Storage with Heavy-Duty Stronghold Brand Cabinets

Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. is a distributor of Stronghold Cabinets, a reputed brand of industrial storage cabinets with extra-heavy construction and durability. They offer warehousing facilities an additional storage method that is safe for workers and secure to prevent tampering.

Learn about the features and construction of a typical Stronghold cabinet, discover the different types and models available, and choose the best option for your needs.

Stronghold Industrial Storage Cabinets

An industrial storage cabinet is designed explicitly for light and medium-sized items. These units are designed to occupy a relatively small warehouse or shop floor space, particularly compared to other storage systems, such as pallet racks or cantilever systems.

Stronghold is one of the most trusted manufacturers of industrial storage cabinets. They typically feature all-steel construction, using 12-gauge or 14-gauge welded steel walls. Specific models may also feature 14-gauge steel drawers, shelves, and other elements.

There are countless potential applications for Stronghold cabinets. Examples include storage for employee belongings (boots, clothes, personal effects), chemical products, small parts and elements, boxed and packaged products, cleaning supplies, and more.

custom industrial storage cabinet with adjustable shelves and pre-defined storage slots.

Custom Industrial Storage Cabinet with Adjustable Shelves and Pre-efined Storage Slots.

Popular Stronghold Cabinet Uses

Stronghold offers a wide array of industrial cabinets , helping you organize and sort all of your equipment and tooling.

14-Gauge Industrial Cabinets

Based on the standard Stronghold industrial cabinet, this model uses the same basic design but features 14-gauge all-steel welded construction for the utmost durability.

The 14-gauge Industrial Cabinet is one of the best storage solutions for all of your small parts, elements, wearables, and other personal protective equipment. It ships fully assembled and ready to use.

Eight different configurations are available:

• 3 shelves
• 2 shelves + 7 drawers
• 3 shelves + 3 drawers
• 3 shelves + 1 large vertical compartment
• 3 shelves + 7 drawers + 1 vertical compartment + 1 corner compartment
• 4 shelves + 1 vertical compartment + 1 corner compartment
• 1 shelf + 1 large compartment
• 3 shelves + 6 drawers

All models feature heavy-duty leaf hinges with extreme maximum load capacities, ranging up to 1,900 lbs. Drawers in the applicable models can support up to 400 lbs.

Every model is available in 9 different colors (black, dark gray, teal, white, blue, red, yellow, beige, brown) and 3 form factors: a 36-inch model (36” x 24” x 72”), a 48-inch model (48” x 24” x 72”) and a 60-inch model (60” x 24” x 72”).

You can use color coding and different configurations to organize your products, eliminating the hassle of searching through various similar cabinets to find what you need.

Regardless of the model and configuration you choose, all 14-gauge industrial cabinets are made with pride in Louisville, KY, and covered with a 25-year warranty, making them built to last.

Extra Heavy Duty 14 GA Double-Tier Locker, 4 Compartments

Extra Heavy Duty 14 GA Double-Tier Locker, 4 Compartments

Heavy-Duty Flammable Safety Cabinets

This heavy-duty storage cabinet is ideal for storing flammable products, such as aerosols, flammable liquids, fuels, and other combustibles. It features robust 14-gauge construction, all-welded, and ready for static grounding for additional electrical safety.

This cabinet possesses many safety features and elements, such as high-durability welded leaf hinges, a leak-proof sump area to prevent leakages of combustibles on the floor, a three-point latching mechanism, a dual-wall construction, and flame arrestor vents. These features allow this cabinet to meet all relevant OSHA and NFPA Code 30 safety and security standards. In addition, it is FM Approved.

Featuring a bright yellow paint and an evident Flammables sticker, this cabinet cannot be easily confused with other storage solutions in your facility, increasing safety.

Cleaning, maintenance, and organization are made easy with the all-steel galvanized shelves and magnetic shelf labels. Never lose or misplace a flammable ever again!

Mobile Workbench with Pegboard, Bins, and Dividers

This all-steel mobile workbench is ideal for workshops and production facilities in frequent need of tools and parts, such as a garage or other automotive repair companies.

Each unit is made from high-durability 12-gauge steel, granting it the toughness needed to survive fast-moving industrial environments. It features three shelves protected by a lockable door, six drawers (each with a capacity of 400 lbs.), a full-size pegboard, and a set of bins and dividers for organizing all of your small parts, such as bolts, nuts, or screws.

The mobile workbench also features a power outlet, an overhang light bracket, and a set of heavy-duty casters (plus a push bar) for moving the entire unit to any location you need. The unit dimensions are 72” x 30” x 36” and it weighs 991 lbs.

Extreme Duty 12 GA Cabinet with 6 Half-Width Drawers, 4 Shelves

Extreme Duty 12 GA Cabinet with 6 Half-Width Drawers, 4 Shelves

Clearview Cabinet With Six Compartments

This heavy-duty industrial storage unit features 12-gauge welded steel construction, mounted on 6” legs with six storage compartments, each fitted with a see-through locker door.

Each of the six compartments is individually lockable, featuring a three-point locking device and compatibility with standard padlocks. This locking system makes the unit ideal for assigning each compartment to a different worker. Combined with its relatively compact dimensions (the complete unit is 24” deep and 54” wide), the Clearview cabinet is an excellent way to store equipment while saving precious floor space.

The doors are hinged externally, giving you complete access to each compartment and allowing you to make full use of the available space within each.

Extreme Duty 12 GA Cabinet with 4 Shelves Secured by Electronic Lock & Card Reader

Extreme Duty 12 GA Cabinet with 4 Shelves Secured by Electronic Lock & Card Reader

Buy Stronghold Cabinets Now

At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we recognize that having access to durable, safe, high-quality cabinets is an essential part of material handling and storage. We are proud to offer our customers Stronghold products for all of your industrial storage cabinet needs, as they are built to endure harsh industrial environments and last a lifetime.

If you’re looking to purchase industrial storage cabinets now, or if you need a quote or information regarding our other products and services, call us at (800) 589-7225.

Stronghold Cabinet FAQs

What is the warranty of a Stronghold cabinet?

A 25-year limited warranty covers all Stronghold 14-gauge industrial cabinets. Our other products are covered by warranties ranging from 15 years to 99 years.

Where are Stronghold products made?

All Stronghold products are 100% U.S.-made at their Louisville, KY facility.

Do I need to assemble the cabinet when I receive it?

Stronghold ships their cabinets fully assembled and ready to go right out of the truck. No need to worry about assembly time; you can use it as soon as you get it.

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