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The Tray™ Issue #37 – Storage Distribution Center Increases Fulfillment Speed and Accuracy with Modula Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs)

The Tray™ Issue #37 – Storage Distribution Center Increases Fulfillment Speed and Accuracy with Modula Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs)

Save on Facility Floor Space

Aircraft parts storage center increases their speed and accuracy while providing safe and secure storage for critical aviation parts and tools.

Dassault Falcon Jet, a subsidiary of Dassault Aviation, has its headquarters as well as a large aircraft parts storage distribution center in Teterboro, NJ. The aviation industry by its nature has no margin for error, so order picking for aircraft parts must be accurate as well as quick. 

To meet time-sensitive deadlines and deliver the right aviation part the first time, Dassault needed to find a better way to manage its aircraft parts inventory.

With the installation of 3 Modula vertical lift modules (VLMs), the Falcon Jet division was able to boost both accuracy and speed and provide a safe and secure aircraft parts storage solution for aviation parts and tools.

Picking Errors for Outbound Orders

Major Issue: Picking Errors and Wasted Time for Outbound Orders

Dassault was beginning to notice problems delivering orders. Picking errors were occurring and it was taking an excessive amount of time to get aircraft parts orders out the door. Most of these orders were in response to aircraft-on-ground (AOG) issues. 

These grounded planes were prohibited from flying for technical reasons and the requested mechanical aircraft parts would be used to get them operational again. The economics of the aircraft industry is such that an efficient aircraft maintenance storage system is essential. 

Every minute waiting for the parts to be delivered is money lost for the aircraft’s owners. Their traditional shelving warehouse system, relying on pickers climbing ladders and calling out part numbers, couldn’t meet demands and delivery deadlines.

Three Modula VLMs

The Solution: Install Three Modula VLMs to Help Increase Order Picking Accuracy and Minimize Time Delays

After extensive research of warehouse management systems, Dassault decided to install three Modula VLMs in its facility. Taking advantage of the building’s ceiling height, the 25-foot-tall Modula VLMs provided more than 1,435 cubic feet of storage within a footprint of 359 square feet. 

Immediately, the team saw a vast performance improvement. What had taken five minutes or more to find a part on the shelves now took less than a minute, with the item delivered right to them. An operator would use the Modula barcode reader to scan an order, the VLM would retrieve the tray holding the parts, and a laser pointer would indicate which items to pick. 

“The laser points directly to the part, fast, easy, accurate,” says Vincent Walek, Spares Operations Supervisor. “We couldn’t ask for anything better.”

Fast, Easy and Accurate

In addition to improved speed and accuracy, Dassault was able to use the Modula VLMs to store over 20,000 of the 300,000 different aircraft parts it keeps in stock. 

With a security feature that limits and traces user access, a wide variety of airplane parts could be stored within the enclosed and clean environment of the VLM. 

“Since installing the Modula units, we’ve seen an amazing increase in productivity, a decrease in picking errors, and we’ve established more space,” says Walek. “The only place we had left in the warehouse was up, so it was an ideal situation for us to put in the Modula machines.”

Key Benefits of VLMs

Key Benefits of VLMs

• Dramatically enhanced accuracy and speed of critical parts for grounded aircraft.

• Reduced warehouse floor space required for storage.

• Increased overall productivity.

• Better protection of parts due to clean and secure storage.

“It has changed a lot as far as timing is concerned. We had to walk around a lot and look for parts manually. With this machine, it’s a lot faster. Before, if it took five minutes, now it is taking one,” said Juan Rodriguez, Distribution Manager.

Technical Details for Modula VLMs

Technical Details for Modula VLMs

Number of Units:

Modula MX25D

Bay type/quantity:
Internal, dual-tray delivery

122.05” x 33.74”
(3,100 mm x 857 mm) holding up
to 551 lbs. per tray

VLM Height:
25’ (7,620 mm)


• WMS Base

Options Included:

• Alphanumeric LED bar

• Internal LED bay lights

• Automatic door

• Laser pointer

• Sliding Copilot console

• Barcode reader

Dassault Falcon Jet

About the Customer

Dassault Falcon Jet is a part of Dassault Aviation, which designs, manufactures and sells both

fighter jets and business aircraft. The Falcon Jet subsidiary has its headquarters as well as a

major distribution center in Teterboro, NJ.

About Modula

Modula designs and produces automatic storage systems that dramatically boost productivity and accuracy, reduce storage space requirements, and enhance worker safety and job satisfaction. The only U.S. manufacturer of vertical lift modules, Modula also offers horizontal carousels, warehouse management systems, and a host of accessories that make order picking quick and easy. Established in 1987, Modula has nine branches worldwide, a network of 100 distributors, and factories in the United States, Italy, and China. 

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