Top 7 Reasons to Use Wire Shelving in a Warehouse

When you are looking for the most sustainable and effective ways to design your warehouse, there are many types of shelving available to you. Each form of shelving comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks, but as time goes on, more warehouse managers and operators are choosing wire shelving units in their warehouses for a number of reasons.

1. Durability

When storing heavy items that may need to remain on warehouse shelves for a long period, wire shelving units are one of the best warehouse storage options currently on the market.

2. Modular nature

Wire shelving units come with a great deal of flexibility because they are modular in nature. This feature makes it even easier to store more items in your warehouse without having to give up any floor space. If more storage space is needed, additional wire shelving can be easily purchased to expand your storage capacity as your need for additional space grows along with your business.

3. Hygiene

The way that wire shelving units are constructed and the materials used to build them means they allow for minimal dust buildup compared to other shelving options such as steel shelving units. In industries such as the healthcare industry, the electronics industry, and the food storage industry, avoiding as much dust buildup as possible is key to creating a safe and hygienic warehouse environment in which to store merchandise.

4. Safety

In addition to being more hygienic than other shelving unit materials, in the event of a fire or other similar warehouse accident, wire shelving units can withstand more heat and will not block any water being dispersed from a ceiling sprinkler system should one be used to minimize the damage caused by a fire. This means that if the fire is affecting portions of the warehouse lower to the ground, then the sprinkler system can permeate through the upper layers of shelves and put out the fire more effectively.

5. Cold storage

If you are looking for a solution for a cold storage section of your warehouse, wire shelving units are an excellent choice. The flow-through ventilation style of wire shelving allows cold air to circulate the merchandise on the shelves, which directly impacts and improves the quality of the storage. It also allows for less buildup of any condensation on shelves because the more condensed particles can be evaporated into the air around the shelving units. This creates a more user-friendly and high-quality storage solution for cold storage areas.

6. Portability

Wire shelving is lighter than many of its counterparts, and therefore can be put on wheels to use for portable storage solutions. Being able to move storage around a warehouse space on its shelves increases efficiency and can allow for storage replenishment, batch picking, and ease in transporting goods that are picked.

7. Small parts storage

When using wire shelving units, small parts can be stored densely while still remaining well organized as well as visible to warehouse employees. Bins of small parts can also be switched out if necessary, to allow for versatile storage solutions. As modifications are made to what is needed at different levels of the warehouse, parts can be changed to be as accessible to workers on the floor as they need to be.

Final thoughts

If you are sold on the idea of installing wire shelving units in any of your warehouses, consider a consultation with Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. to determine which form of wire shelving works best for your needs and the space you are working with. There’s a form of wire shelving that can work for every business and make their warehouses cleaner, safer, and more efficient! Call 1-800-589-7225 (RACK) to speak to a member of our team.