5 Benefits of Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving in Your Workspace

Rotabin Revolving Storage

Getting the most out of your workplace is an integral part of maximizing efficiency and profitability across your business. Many workspaces and warehouses opt for heavy duty industrial shelving as a robust, flexible and affordable storage solution.

Heavy industrial shelving comes in many forms such as economical rivet shelving, steel shelving, rotabins for small parts and mobile aisle shelving for archives so it is worth exploring the options so you can bring maximum value to your workplace.

So, in what areas can heavy duty industrial shelving benefit your working environment?

1. Space

Heavy duty industrial shelving takes up less floor space than a pallet rack or cantilever system – which is important in a warehouse or storeroom when space is at a premium.

Industrial shelving can also be a combination of rivet or steel shelves and rotabins. The traditional shelves are better for larger items while the rotabins which function like a Lazy Susan and can hold 60 – 500 lbs. are ideal for storing small parts. Rotabins take advantage of unused space like aisle ends, corners and undercounters increasing storage density and organization.

2. Accessibility

Rivet shelving is one of the most economical and versatile heavy duty industrial shelving storage solutions available. It also comes with adjustable shelf levels making it useful for a variety of applications, allowing more accessibility. Since the shelves can be adjusted and can hold up to 1,850 lbs. per shelf level, large bulky items can be stored at the bottom of shelves, and smaller items can be stored at the top to maximize safety. It’s steel components, and long-lasting decks can accommodate shelf bins and heavy inventory.

3. Safety

Keeping your workplace clean and clutter-free is an important aspect of keeping it safe. Heavy duty industrial shelving like steel shelving allows you to store all items safely and securely away from busy work areas. Decide if you need open or closed metal shelving based on your inventory. There are many types of steel shelving to address a wide range of material handling functions. The standard type is shelf and post combination, but it can be heavily accessorized to include lockable doors, integrated bins, and so much more to safeguard your product and keep your employees safe.

4. Expandable

Industrial shelving is also easy to put together, and one shelf can be put up in as little as 15 minutes with no specialist skills required. This ease allows you to expand the shelving space quickly. It also comes flat packed in boxes and can be easily stored until needed.

Just as easy as industrial shelving can be put up, it can be dismantled, giving your workplace flexibility in how it utilizes the space available.

Industrial shelving

5. Long-Lasting

Industrial shelving made from steel and installed correctly can last a long time. So long in fact that there is a thriving market for used industrial shelving. If the shelves are properly maintained, used correctly, and are built to withstand the conditions of the workplace, you can expect the shelves to last many years.

6. Cost-Effective

Industrial shelving, especially rivet shelving, is generally cheaper than pallet or cantilever racks, which allows you to save money and use the funds on other areas of the business. Repairing damaged or broken industrial shelves are also relatively easy with no expensive specialist installation needed.

Does Your Business Need Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving?

In any company, the key to ensuring a productive workforce and improving employee and customer satisfaction is organization. Most businesses can benefit from the increased space and safety that comes with installing heavy duty industrial shelving. It is an economical and reliable storage solution across a variety of applications. Whether you need it to store parts, equipment, or stock, the increased space offered this solution gives your business an edge and allows it to do more.

So why not speak to a member of our team today by calling (800)-589-7225 (RACK) to see how heavy duty industrial shelving can benefit your business?